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  1. mattfletcher9292

    What did everyone get for Christmas? ;)

    got a little bonsai tree! :D
  2. it wasnt booting on peoples phones so he took it down to fix, been a little while now tbh
  3. mattfletcher9292

    How does this affect us?

    HAHHAHAHA that looks like such bullshit xD could it be just a 'theyre chinese and not american, were better so your phones arent allowed here'? they are getting bigger and better quality phones while being a fair bit cheaper!
  4. mattfletcher9292

    list of roms?

    i think itd be good if somebody made a full list of available roms for the 7, hopefully somebody's interested in making it and will get it pinned in the forum :)
  5. This rom is brilliant!! i recommend turning hybrid mode on and setting all the densitys to medium(160) and turning the phone landscape and turning auto rotate off :) looks very cool! thanks for another amazing rom! :D this is by far my favourite!!!
  6. mattfletcher9292

    Cm9 desktop screenshots, 'show us your desktop"

    shame the screenshots dont show (might just be me, not sure) but i usually use 190 dpi, have to say i prefer 150! only problem is the status bar stops working when i try and start it up :/ will try restarting a few times! may upload my home screen in abit
  7. mattfletcher9292

    How to turn off my router?

    you can get hardware that you can use with a phone (not sure what its called im afraid) or if you just want to disable the wifi you can access the settings and turn off wifi
  8. mattfletcher9292

    Cm9 desktop screenshots, 'show us your desktop"

    really like this, what lock screen is it? like the simplicity... cant resist commenting on the girl :') absolutely unreal!
  9. mattfletcher9292

    URGENT HELP !! !

    would be an obvious answer, but unlikely xD if charging doesnt help try booting into cwm then try flashing a new tpt?
  10. mattfletcher9292

    My Skate gone wrong! Why?

    id try fully formatting everything, reinstalling cwm and trying to reinstall the rom your using
  11. mattfletcher9292

    Screen replacement instructions?

    what id do is try and find other zte screen replacement instructions and hope its similar, i had the same problem with an old lg, i did that and everything went ok :) of course you can send it to a shop but obviously would cost you abit
  12. mattfletcher9292

    How to create your own rom?

    much appretiated!! :) i'll give it a try in the morning! :) thanks alot! :D
  13. im just wondering whats the best way to go about creating your own rom? was looking at the kitchen but saw it was only for premium users :( wondering if anybody knows of a good method? im downloading this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1272270 but a couple of places have said its for HTCs only :/
  14. mattfletcher9292


    same problem as davnig :(

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