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  1. Waar wordt er nu te hard gereden in NL? Zie het op http://www.bestwelsnel.nl/

  2. Vandaag de 2 pleegkids verteld dat we eind dit schooljaar moeten kiezen voor ons eigen gezin. Dat betekent dat ze tot eind van dit schooljaar bij ons kunnen wonen, maar daarna niet meer. Tranen, moeilijke boodschap, maar alles afwegende de enige beslissing die we kunnen nemen.

  3. I just installed this ROM (Thanks KonstaT!). Installed a couple of apps, rebooted after a while, and now i am unable to access the Play store. Wifi says connected. Icon is grey. I can't open a website with the browser. Within accounts, the google account reports sync problems. But why did it work before i rebooted (btw, i rebooted because at some point apps i asked to install didn't come through anymore, so maybe at that time there already was a connection problem)... Update: found that turning on flight mode and turning that off again also solves temp loss of radio's (wifi/gsm). At least that is a fast work around
  4. :-). Thanks Paul, just returned (did not get a notification of your reply, will check my profile) as i just received a couple of messages about the magazines becoming available :-)
  5. Maybe i did something wrong... I signed up, redeemed the code, choose some magazines, downloaded the app (Android), signed in on the app ... where do i see the magazines i choose? When i log in online (using a browser on a laptop) my purchase history is empty...
  6. Thanks to this thread at least i have a work around for the black-screen-when-call-received problem of one of my kids G300's. I downloaded Doms Diagnostic Tools and ran a single test of the proximity sensor. When 1st launched, the sensor reported something close nearby (hence the behaviour of turning the screen off). When i started 'massaging'/pressing the right top corner of the glass, i got other read outs. So i can instruct my teen she has to press that top corner to get the screen back and be able to end a call... I just also found where to config ICS to accept the power button to end a call: it's under accessiblity settings.
  7. Managed to replace the screen of my G300, but: bluetooth and wifi don't work. Does anybody have any idea? Did i overlook a connector? Did i unknowingly rip something? I used the video in this thread and think i followed it in every detail. Edit: just demo-ed it to my foster son while it was partly disassembled, and wifi worked ... so maybe short circuit somewhere, but should be solvable :-)...
  8. Just in case anyone is looking for some more confirmation of what to do in which step, or just another video to see it from another angle or something: http://www.modaco.com/topic/354853-cracked-screen/
  9. Just disassembled my daughters G300 with the above video ... Since i haven't been disassembling a lot of phones, i wonder whether i used to much force when trying to get the LCD out (did that once to an iPhone LCD :( ). Disassembling was doable (i'm not a handy guy ;-)). I had to use a blow dryer twice to get a part loose from some sticky stuff: the 2nd time it was when getting the LCD out of the frame: careful with that step or i guess you'll tear a part/connector! Now i know there is a chance i was successful disassembling the G300, i just ordered a new screen from http://mirrorstar.com/ ($21, $2 reg.shipping, worldwide). It will take some weeks for it arrive and i'll be able to try the reverse to assemble.
  10. Ik verwijder iedereen als vriend als ze teveel spammen met liken van producten (voor die kleine kans om dat te winnen). Ik zou jullie persoonlijke updates graag in mijn tijdlijn zien, maar ik kon in Facebook geen filtermogelijkheid vinden, dus dan maar ont-frienden...

  11. Als iedereen die dingen wil winnen nu eens een apart FB-account daarvoor neemt ;-)...

  12. As my daughter dropped her G300 i was looking for clear instructions to replace the screen and found . Also found http://www.etradesup...scend-g300.html for a replacement screen. And http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale/wholesale-g300-digitizer.html?SearchText=g300%2Bdigitizer&CatId=0&manual=y&SortType=price_asc&filterCat=200003077,5904002,1909&groupsort=1 , where i even see an offer that looks like it will save you from the problems with sticky tape etc: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Wholesaler-For-Huawei-G300-Touch-Screen-Digitizer/720870964.html (but you have to buy 10 pieces :-( ).
  13. As my daughter dropped her G300 i was looking for clear instructions to replace the screen and found . Also found http://www.etradesupply.com/huawei/all-models/huawei-ascend-g300.html for a replacement screen.
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