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  1. GreenEyedAndy

    Strange behavior with grafik output

    I deleted the Code Parts with the SensorManager and again I get a little more Performance. I think it's now on Galaxy S Niveau. I have no idea how to gain more performace.
  2. GreenEyedAndy

    Strange behavior with grafik output

    Hi Jeff, the count of particles is time dependend. The particle die after 1,5 sec on the screen. So it shouldn't depend on the resolution. I tried the GPU-Setting and see a slightly performace gain but still not comparable to the Galaxy S. I have in mind that for some future extension I build an instance of SensorManager but don't use it. Is it possible that this causes some performance drain on this device? Maybe we're on track of a firmware issue! Thanks for your suggestions
  3. GreenEyedAndy

    Strange behavior with grafik output

    Hi Jeff, thanks for the quick answer - I thought about this too, but the performance increase on the Galaxy S2 is much more than 20% - how could that be?
  4. Hello everybody, in the Galaxy S times I wrote a little app doing a simple particlesystem with some simple graphic. This runs very well one my old Galaxy S. Last week I bought the Galaxy Nexus and I would like to see how the app is running one a dual core 1.2. But for my disappointment the app is running disastrous slow. I friend of mine owns a Galaxy S2 an there the praticle bubble as I expected very much faster then on the Galaxy S. Anyone any idea? P.S. Please excuse my bad english - I am not a nativ speaker.

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