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  1. Please, can you try to fix the gps and bluetooth, this is the perfect rom for brazilian blades, except for this items. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, i tried to do the last metod but unfortunantly the phone is not recognized in the fasher after i put in ftm mode, so now my phone just turn on in ftm mode, what i can do now?
  3. Like Tina Turner said: Simply the best!!! But, where do i find the wallpaper?
  4. Hey everybody, i had some problems on this update: when i'm on docs to go phone reiniciate from nothing, when i use google maps the app have force close after some time always. Another thing it is that whem i'm on a inside menu like sethings and i press back button it shows a descktop image and delays quite a time to go back to main menu. This contrasts to the fastness when you are on the main menu and go back to desktop. Chears!
  5. I used the debrick of this site, the last method... edit: i discovery something strange... is "blade checker" reliable? cause it says my partition is 220, but unfortunantely coldfusion don't work here...
  6. Unfortunantly before i know the partition size i tried to uso that tutorial qithe the 220mb partition, i bricked my phone, debricked but now i just see a 160mb partition. How i get back or upgrade to 220mb partition without brick the phone?
  7. Is there any way to have a 220mb partition on a 256mb ram blade without brick the phone? (mine is brazilian, but it is the same chinese)
  8. Today i used that rom, the only problem that i found was my wi-fi that insists to desconect. So i downgrade to 3.7
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