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  1. Hello can anyone help I've got my self a unhappy up620 1.7ghz octa core on 4.4 and I want to know how to get root access I have rooted handsets before but I can't find a program to unlock my uhappy please
  2. Hi I have just got a phone from China a xiaoxing m8 made by a company called alps its ment to be a duel core 1gig phone running android 4.2.2 but its slower than my old zte skate as stock which was wicked after rooting lol but for the life in me I can't find any thing to root my new one I know u are all working on other stuff but please can anyone help please
  3. i think my cwm is stock coz i only get 4 options and when I had been it on always I had loads
  4. hi tried installing rom but it said its not signed any help please
  5. i sorted mine this is what i did i charged phone up full usb'ed it to pc and ran unlockroot ZTE ZTE U970 4.0.3 IML74K had to run it five times it kept saying it was already rooted but after the 5th time my phone booted no probs and is now fine
  6. ive taken battory out charged it full left bat out for two days and nothing so my warning is dont trust any thing or any one i will sort this my self and as for bin4rys root program f***k u and f***king kick me off site if u must but this is ment to be a forum that helps ppl and all i have had is take bat out i will sort your f***ked up root my self thanks not
  7. hi can any one help i tryed to root my phone with bin4ys root program and all it dose is boot loop can any one help please
  8. well i did normal one two times and now my phone is stuck on boot loop it says system ui is not responding can anyone please help
  9. right i tryed rooting and now all my phone dose is boot loop please can any one help it says ui has stoped workin
  10. hso

    I own one of these!

    how can i get nvida bootloader
  11. ive tryed netflix it just has black screen gta 3 dont work n neather does the settlers hd
  12. well ive tryed netflix still black screen and tryed games thay still dont work apart from that sweeeeeeet rom good work back to atomic it is lol
  13. hi love seeing new roms thanks for your hard work is the gaming and netflix bug fixed im still running gb cos ics wont run games or netflix and my kids would kill me if i swap roms and they stop working lol

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