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  1. Great! Thanks for your amazing work Konstat! : ) Do I need any wipe to update to the new version? Cheers! J
  2. yorksims, watch the video above, do the same things on win 7 - the disable signature thing - and download and install the adb driver that is on video description. Hope it works - it did for me, I had the same problem, but on win 8.1.
  3. Enjoying this great rom! : ) Everything works great, I haven't had any issues with anything that I've already tried, but I've installed some games just to try the phone, and they crash: Angry Birds Go and Asphalt 8. The games load, but at some point, at menu or such, they crash. Maybe it's because I'm using link2sd, or other apps... I've not tried them with the original rom without link2sd - and I have a class 10 card -, so I don't know if they work in this phone. Does anyone have this issues? Kind regards! : ) J
  4. Hello again! Many thanks for your precious help, KonstaT! : ) I've solved it with some tips - and the driver - from this video: Take care! J
  5. Hi! Great to see KonstaT working on Kis 3. I had a Blade and I've used many of his great roms. Thanks for everything KonstaT! : ) I've tried to install CWM on my Smart A16 (from Portugal). I'm on windows 8.1. I've followed this guide and installed everything needed, but when I execute "adb reboot bootloader", the phone turns black, and then when I execute "fastboot boot recovery-cwm6050-kis3.img", it keep on waiting for the devide. I've notice that when I run the first comand, on device management, the phone get's like it lost the drivers or something like that, it show "android device" or something like that - can't remember now - with an exclamation port. Since that's happening to me, I can't install CMW. Can someone help? What am I doing wrong, did I misse something? Thanks again and keep up your amazing work Konstat! : ) Kind regards! J
  6. Hi! Bought a new class 10 sd card. After all the work of getting a clean install of 4.3.1., after getting all the apps, and setting everything, on a reboot, the phone started to update apps and when it finished, it get an error about "theme managment" not working, or something like that. After that it reboots and start to update all the apps again. Back to 4.2.2, glad I got a backup... BTW, I'm using mount2sd with only apps and dalvik cache on sd.
  7. Many thanks! : ) I did move dalvik cache to sd, but no application data. If I had a class 10 sd should I move dalvik cache to sd?
  8. Hi! Hope someone can explain this to me! : ) Sometimes, with different roms (4.2.2 and 4.3.1), I've experienced a massive reboot. The phone restart and begins to update all the applications. Last time it happened, with 4.3.1, the phone updated all the 100 something apps, and then it rebooted just to star updating all the apps agains. I've got to get back to my latest recovery. After I've recovered to 4.2.2 again, it happened once again. It always happens when I'm with the phone on my trousers pocket. I guess it never happened with the phone on some desk. Could it be the SD card? Mine is a 8gb Transcend Class 4, and I'm using Mount2SD, but I guess that this had happened before when I was using s2e. Can someone help? It's a really annoying thing and I went without a usable phone in some situations outside my house, and I don't want to experience that anymore. Thanks in advance! : ) X
  9. Hi! Can I just install the new build (20/12) over the last one, or should I do some wipes? If so, what should I do? Just dalvik? I don't wanna go truth a hole clean install right now.... : ) Thanks KonstaT for all your amazing work! Cheers!
  10. I've tried again, did a clean install and I get it to work. I guess that I managed that because I've formated boot as well - I followed some instructions to do a clean install that don't mention that. Thanks for all the help! Cheers! : )
  11. I've installed the script as well, in the beging when I was installing my apps again. I've restarted the phone some times, but no luck. I guess I got to keep on trying, maybe I get lucky! ; )
  12. Yes, I have it installed in my current rom, KonstaT 10.1 latest build. When I've tried to install this rom - KonstaT CM 10.2 -, I even tried Mount2SD, it detected my ext partition, but I allways got my internal memory full and just a little ext memory used. After that I coulnd not install more apps. Tell me how do I make a clean install with mouth2sd. Should I get it from the app store, or from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2432479 I even tried to install the zip version from the recovery, but I still got a full internal memory after install some apps. Thanks for you help! : ) J
  13. Hi! I've tryed many time to install this rom - clean install -, but I've trouble with all the apps to move apps to sd, none of them worked properly, and I've allways got a full memory warning past some time. I've tried s2e and mount2sd - my favourtire - with no luck at all. I've guess I've tried others, but i always have some trouble using them. I have the latest KonstaT 10.1 with mount2sd with no problems at all. Can anyone help, please? : ) Cheers! J
  14. Thanks for your help. I can assure you that I have CFQ, and I've tryed to change it - on settings, not with any app - to SIO but with no luck. I did a clean install, btw. What app can you advise me so I can change I/O Scheduler?
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