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  1. my rom 2.3.4_mooncake_v1.113 i download facebook from market, official version and dont installed any firefwall or antivirus software. I have facebook messange, he work perfectly.
  2. i fix all problem, thanks a lot dude... why i cant login with facebook app, i get facebook authentication failed.
  3. dude, i format all storage and now i cant put zip file in sdcard.. i format with CWM system and others sections and format the sdcard, now i cant put file in sdcard for installing other rom, when i use adb push image.zip /sdcard i get error:device not found :) hah what can i do with usb cable? edit i put this sdcard on my laptop and like to copy zip on card but he didnt have writing perms :( omg
  4. yeaaah... finaly i fix the problem, wooow thanks a lot dude... can you sugest me some android version who have request for install flash player?
  5. 6) Use recovery manager to flash Clockworkmod recovery i cant start recovery menager after installing because get "Sorry! The application Recovery Menager (process com.podtwo.RecoveryMenager) has stopped unexpectedly. Please ty again. Button: Force close" can i do this with adb or how if i can do this with adb?
  6. 4) Install and run Universal Androot. Click on root when i click the root button i get Failed ! No ~~~ Fu goo ~~~ ?? what now? :(
  7. and what i can do now? i have this phone now only for caling :( conections not work :( maybe who have the some phone with clockwordmod, upload clockword mod folder and try with this :( i dont know help guys
  8. where i can find this? About phone Model number - ZTE Racer Android version : 2.3.4 Baseband version: P729BB01 Kernel version: tigtex #1 Mod version: CyanogenMod-7-06262011-NIGHTLY-Racer Build nummber GRj22 image
  9. When i open Recovery Menager i get message "Sorry! The application Recovery Menager (process com.podtwo.RecoveryMenager) has stopped unexpectedly. Please ty again. Button: Force close" :( edited i use this but i still dont have clockwordmod on my phone :(
  10. i cant open clockwordmod, because he is not installed, i restarted rom and problems not solved
  11. hi to all guys... i am new here, i have a big problem with my ZTE Racer phone :( sorry for bad english :) When i buy this phone he used Anroid 2.1 but i like to be 2.3 for flash player and etc. I download some ROM from this forum (Mod version on About phone: CyanogenMod-7-06262011-NIGHTLY-Racer) i change it on this first root my phone, second i use clockworkmod and flash this rom. After that my phone work great, but i with some programs who have root access delete some files from wireles directory and some other directories and my problem is now for conections. I cant conect to any internet conection, my wireles dont work, he say obtaining ip address and cant connect, i enable mobile network and anytinkg happend. I download manyaly from PC apk for ROM Menager but i cant flash clockworkmod recovery without conections because i like change the rom and fix problems with conections... help :( thanks
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