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  1. The same problem with my daughter phone. SD card destroyed. I don't remember what build has been installed but the effect is the same :-(.
  2. OK, I do it the second way by flashing modified targetbsp rom containing changed framework-res over unmodified targetbsp rom. But why I can't decompile, change and build framework-res (all by apktool), then add it to the rom and flash it to a completely clean phone? WHY? And what do you mean 'either you do it right and build it the way you want it to be'? I supposed I done it properly by apktool...
  3. It is something in this. I done similar things on latest targetbsp rom - changed framework-res, removed lot of applications from rom, added hosts file etc then flashed rom. But I done it wiping only partition cache and dalvik cache. After that all working perfectly. I read on another forum that there is problem with modified roms with changed framework-res. Then I read gr83 post. So I decided verify it on my phone. This time I wiped all possible data (also boot and system partitions). Next I flashed rom and got boot-loop. It looks like it is possible to change framework-res and flash rom over existing and working rom, but if we trying to do similar thing over completly wiped phone there is a problem! Edit: test 1. Installed Targetbsp rom - works perfectly. test 2. Wiped all. Installed Targetbsp rom with changed framework-res to work with SottButtons - got boot-loop. Edit: Solution. Wiped all, installed latest targetbsp build, rebooted and waited till all will be working, rebooted and flashed modified rom with changed framework-res, rebooted. From now it working. I have SoftButton patch. But WTF?
  4. I have managed it! How to unlock Soft Buttons in CM 7.2. Look here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1650778 And here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1466100 How to do it: 1. Extract file framework-res.apk from rom (look in system\framework\) 2. Place it in folder e.g. d:\work 3. Decompile it using: apktool d framework-res.apk 4. Go to folder d:\work\ framework-res\values 5. Open file bools.xml and edit values: <bool name="cm_default_is_tablet">true</bool> <bool name="cm_default_has_soft_buttons">true</bool> 6. Save file 7. Go to folder d:\work\ 8. Build new framework-res.apk file by: apktool b d:\work\framework-res 9. Result file will be placed in d:\work\ framework-res\dist 10. Replace framework-res.apk in rom by new one from d:\work\framework-res\dist 11. Flash rom. That’s all. I attached changed framework-res.apk file but it is too big to attach as one file. So you have to unpack it from rar fiiles. framework-res.part1.rar framework-res.part2.rar
  5. Installed CM7 Nightly (8-07-2012). Is there any possibility to add soft button patch? Unfortunatelly the latest one I have (named softbutton_tablets_patch) doesn't work. Maybe someone have knowledge and is kind to share it how to compile/apply softbutton tablets patch?
  6. Lot of bugs were fixed since CM7.1 stable version. I like changing rom from time to time so I do it ;-). There are new graphic libraries improving 3D games, but not included yet in official build. You can find it e.g. on targetbsp site. If you are happy with your rom, there is no reason to change it. But it is only my opinion. I'm currently on build by asm19 (it could be find several pages before) but I can also recomend you latest build by targetbsp. I don't know about any Cons related to latest builds. One more thing. Usually after flashing new rom, I flash also Sej's kernel available on targetbsp page: http://blade.windows98.co.uk/
  7. Sure, it can be. Or it can be matter of drivers. If it is matter big number of appliications can be verified by flashing new rom with full wipe, turning on s2e and installing only few applications. I have a filling that my phone became bit laggy just after installing and starting s2e. For me it is matter of time, I dream about having time to verify lot of things ;-).
  8. I always wipe the Dalvik cache before flashing new rom. I also performed it last time when I had got boot looping and when I tried to cure it. I suppose that my problems are related to s2e. Anyway thank you for answer.
  9. I had created partition 160MB for system. But I don't feel expert in this mather. In spite of this if you want to increase data free space I would like recommend you very usefull program: s2e (simple2ext). This program help us move applications and/or data to special ext partition on our SD card. I had created ext4 partition on SD card using gparted on Linux but there are also different ways to do it. I move to sd-ext partition applications, private applications and Dalvik cache. Applications data I store on standard place: /data/data. s2e is very usefull I use this program all the time. But sometimes I have some problems when I use s2e. I verified some things: if I don't use s2e my blade works like a charm, is really fast and stable. Disadvantage is that I cannot install lot of applications. Of course I use CM7 settings "allow for moving applications to SD card" then "Automatic". If I use s2e my phone became a bit laggy and how to say ... unstable (but it is too strong word). Adventages are obvious - I can install much more applications. I suppose that my problems with s2e are related to SD card. I have rather fast 16GB SD card.
  10. First at all thank you for next build. I try this trick with user application (not system applications) and got boot looping. Is it true that we can freeze only system applications? I need my phone quickly so I didn't perform any experiment but wipe to factory reset ;-(. How to enable this feature? I suppose it is already in targetbsp latest build (from 4 June).
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