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  1. i was in the shower and went to grab the conditioner and water went on the screen and i thought it would be fine but it went through to the battery and i think it made + and - touch and now it doesnt turn on.. only turns on when plug it into the mains electric..
  2. Is it possible? Looks quite cool imo.
  3. I was using CyanogenMod 9 (A4.0.4) and I cannot seem to go back to a stock ROM. I've got the ROM that converts it back to GEN1 and everything but the CyanogenMod boot logo stays there after wiping cache and data and it doesn't go past it. What can I do? EDIT: Also when I try to install CM7 it the CWMod doesn't install it properly? Why's this?
  4. Wait no its right, I'll try the link above sorry for tripple post idk how to edit on mobile.
  5. Wait I think I clicked the wrong rom...
  6. Huge bug, I cantbseem to access themes or device options. Settings force close when I try. So I can't calibrate proximity cencor.
  7. Damn ok, and they're not good haha. They always give random deaths :( Is this ROM faster than CM7?
  8. Quick question; is temple run in the market with this? They announced it was for Android 4.0 now, so just wondering if it is.
  9. Kept getting force closes on the one released and your gapps doesn't work.
  10. Anyone know a useable PSX Emulator for the blade? Any that don't lag? Didn't know where to post this btw...
  11. so its got pretty much the same features as CM9 and that other one? Hey look I can renane a ROM and say I made it, maybe I can be a wannabe-known kid too!
  12. Nice job! Could you fix that the clock underlaps notifications? Looks horrible when you get them. e.g A text and it tells you what it says in the status bar. Other than that minor bug it looks nice :) Edit: Not truely transparent on Launcher Pro for me :(
  13. Oh, you can still obtain the class files though. So it sorta is because you can read the class file name :3
  14. To decompile JAR files just open with winrar lol.

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