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  1. I searched the topic but it's not that clear- Is 150mb system /2mb cache enough for this ROM. I thought 2mb cache redirecting only worked with CM7?
  2. I'm still here, and I'll be using it faithfully when it comes out :)
  3. JetKun


    It's a veneer of goodness
  4. http://www.gizchina.com/gizchina-forum/topic/mtk6589-full-sources-finally-are-out/ Mediatek sources released?
  5. Yep, the Neo N003 packs this former high-end sensor Omnivision OV12830. It's not that I'm worried about though, it's low light performance...in fact, it's no-light performance. I'm wondering if pictures in urban darkness, i.e a picture of a streetlit urban area, or people at night, would be good with the camera. It's the flash that's dodgy. In fact, pretty much every single chinese phone I've seen has dodgy flash so far. It's like, 'take a picture about 5m away from the subject and the camera can't do anything' even with flash on. Worst offender is the ZTE Skate imo. tl;dr: The camera is probably brilliant at everything, but if the flash is rubbish at night pfft. Also, is TTMALLS a good place to buy the thing?
  6. JetKun


    Wow, you really see the ugly side of merimobiles when you dig deeper don't you
  7. Are there pictures with it's camera flash on? Review sites never bother with it but it can be important
  8. Thoughts on the neo n003youth? Its about $200, has mhl and 1080p.6589T also
  9. faea f1 runs Qualcomm soc, gps should be fine Vowney v5 mired in problems, there are many better phones out there now, but it does have an active community here
  10. JetKun


    Keep us updated, could be interesting
  11. Hmm, does it look like Jelly bean? - are the OP pics outdated H3ROS? Just thinking about switching ROMs, my omc's been laggy lately... been pushing that battery out into the 30 degree heat lol Cheers for the help wiisky ;) It's been a long time, and i thought i might as well pick up my omc again
  12. what's the recommended TPT for this? I'm currently on a stock TPT? Also, excuse me for the stupid question, but is this ROM themable using CM Theme chooser or something? Or is that definitely not possible Oooh it looks like jelly bean!
  13. Wow, that was lightning quick :P I'm guessing I'd just need apps for OC support then? (Because it must be stock-based, then right? AOSP?)
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