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  1. HI! Is there any way way to get notification LED's flashing when receiving a SMS, missed call, etc? I just cant find any setting for that... Maybe some app?
  2. Well, been aound this forum for quite a while, running few good and a couple of excellent (MoKee OS, RootBox, ...) ROMs. Time to move on, I've shut down my ZTE Skate for good... I just like to thank all dev's, testers and all forum members for excellent work ;-)
  3. I had similar problems a while ago while on Mokee OS. I couldn't solve that but after clean install with re-partitioning/re-formatting of SD-card it worked again. I was using Link2SD and had my thougts that it was that causing problems... But obviously not, I'm still using Link2SD, even with RootBox!
  4. I tried three-four different media rescan apps without any luck. Seems like they only scanned the SD-card... But as far as I know (nothing about Android) is the original media folder located only in /System not on SD-card. So I just copied entire media folder from /System to root of SD-card and it worked like a charm.
  5. Didn't help ... But after copying the entire 'media' folder to SD-card all ringtones/alarms are available as supposed. Thanks all for trying to help me out with this annoying problem!
  6. Done, still no luck, only 2 rintones and 1 alarmsignal... :-( Edit: BTW, phone re-installed with new installation after total cleanup.
  7. Is there a way to force a media scan within RootBox? I've been using this for quite a while but it doesn't seem to find/scan for media. It doesn't show either ringtones (there are 88 of them) or alarm signals (20 in folder) that are included in ROM. I tried to clear Media Storage cache and rebooting but no luck... Any ideas?
  8. I agree with omegavesko: If You'd like to go with a 2.3 based ROM: MokeeOS is a strong candidate, it was/is one of the best 2.3 based ones I'm staying with RootBox (http://www.modaco.com/topic/360867-romskate-rootbox-cmaokppa-mix-android-422-20032013/#entry2091314) for a while at least!
  9. Here U go: http://www.modaco.com/topic/360867-romskate-rootbox-cmaokppa-mix-android-422-20032013/#entry2091314
  10. In some other ZTE Skate releases there was an option to "Select All" and "Copy All" options when editing text. This seems to be missing in RootBox... Or have I ignored some setting?
  11. VPN = Virtual Private Network http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_private_network
  12. Install Link2SD from Play. When starting first time select correct filesystem format (FAT32, EXT2/3/4,...) I had no problems mounting my Ext3 partition with RootBox [Android 4.2.2].
  13. For Link2SD I used this guide. http://www.modaco.com/topic/346620-link2sd-guide-updated-please-read/#entry1808583 I'm using 1.5 GB (of 16) for apps. Works great with class 10 card.
  14. Yes, Googe apps flashed successfully. But I just noticed that calendar doesn't sync from Google to phone for some reason. System has 27MB free space (of 220MB) so it shouldn't be a space issue.F Fixed, my bad, missed calendar syng setting... Sorry! Great with FM radio, I'm using that almost daily at work... Thanx C3C0!
  15. How to fix calendar and contact sync? (a step-by-step guide would be nice for a n00b) Thanxx!
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