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  1. Just tried this rom, after being on FnC for a while. Must say I'm really impressed! Runs smoothly and looks really nice. I did notice something with GMail, and wasn't sure what was up with it. When I open an email, I can see the message, but once I start to scroll down, the text disappears. Wondering if anyone else was getting this? Thanks again for a great rom!
  2. Well I've installed RLS4 on my SF2 this morning, and I'm dead impressed. Everything seems to be working well, though I don't use bluetooth. The GPS problem I had with RLS3 is gone, and everything seems nice and smooth. Congrats on a very nice release with this one!
  3. Using the RLS3 I've started having problems with the GPS. It connects straight away and then disconnects, only occasionally reconnecting. Slightly annoying since I was using Endomondo, and it connects straight away, and gets my location and then doesn't register that I'm going anywhere.
  4. I downloaded the SF2 Nemus three times and twice I got a bad MD5 check. Think it was something to do with the download service. I'm quite happy with it, except for the purple notification icons (Really? Purple? :D). I would have liked the A2SD app pre-installed, but aside from that, it was just fine. I just used Titanium Backup to backup all apps before I did the wipe and reinstall. I played around reinstalling it a few times since I was trying to get a larger Cache TPT flashed first and had to do it a few times to get everything running the way I wanted. Only minor niggle I did encounter was trying to download apps - it kept saying that there wasn't sufficient space to install anything until I went to "installed applications" which seemed to remind it how much space was available.
  5. I had the same problem and installed GreenPower free version. It disables the wifi when the screen is not turned on (though it turns it on every so often to do syncs), along with a host of other power management items. Found that the battery life was significantly increased and never really had a problem with connectivity... Before GreenPower I was usually at 10-15% power at the end of a day... After I installed it I'm usually at 50-60% power at the end of the day....
  6. Put this on my SanFran2 yesterday. Really impressed with it so far. Just one query. On the demo video, there is the notification bar power widget which doesn't seem to be on this rom. I understand that the demo video is of the original SanFran, but is this available on the Crescent ROM?
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