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  1. im a bit of a noob just rooted and instaled cm10 on my sons g300 went well but the camera app doesent work installed a couple of others and get the messagecant connect to camera any ideas thanks
  2. just used this on my g300 ebay seller good coms and worked first time £4.84 so very cheap can offer unlocks for loads other phones ebay item no 261016690849
  3. looking to get the wife her first smartphone she will start using it mostly for txt but does not like querty keyboards and want an easy to use phone type keypad that she can use with her thumb. i think the htc wildfie had such a kepad any sugestions would be appriciated
  4. im looking for an android phone sub £100 for my son we want it for him to keep in touch and emergancies he wants it to text and play games dont mind rooting any suggestions
  5. rooted suited and booted as they say thanks for all the knowledge on the fourm got everything done just a few teathing probs to sort
  6. Hi complete noob unlocked rooted and installed atomicmod r8 slowly geting my head round it but having problem whith connecting to wi-fi when i turn it on it says turning on but then goes to error i cannot do anything with the settings or add a wifi network any help would be appriciated
  7. thanks to this forum i have successfully unlocked my Monte Carlo I'm a total noob so be gentle with me still to root the phone as I'm short sighted i am using launcher 7 for the large icons on a new ROM i would like to get rid of the orange branding , larger text , ability to play AVI and bookmark audio books as I'm new to this i don't know what other features would be advantageous thanks for any help
  8. dont do this late at night you neeb to open configuration and keep it open then use software update from the taskbar the mistake i made was trying to launch it from the start menu programs Brill site will try to root and unbrand next when i get my giffgaaff sim
  9. very new noob to phones followed the instructions got FTM qpst config got phone on port 8 run qpst software updater get error could not connect to atlas server if i click on the error i get to the program but phone is not detected i need very basic instructions to correct this thanks
  10. thanks jp514 launcher 7 gives me the large icons on the home screen like i wanted .Now have to figure out how to enlarge the text for the rest of it. This seems to be a common problem with us older ( only youngsters use smartphones !!!!) users hopefully someone will get a launcher or something that will do it all
  11. Hi all Im an older user and just got my first smartphone orange monte carlo will try unlocking etc once my credit is used. my question is due to age i am getting a bit short sighted and need glasses to see the icons is there any way i can make them bigger? looking forward to using the guides to unlock my phone
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