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  1. Got my new phone last week star n9589 aka ulefone / HDC/ THL need help getting it rooted the only way I have found so far is on pnoneuncle.cn but this leaves the phone with Chinese cwm and Chinese apps really need root to write apps to external SD etc and custom ROMs if I can find any for this device if anyone can help would be very very greatful
  2. Hi modaco need bit of help just got new phone from china star n9589 quad core nice phone for the cash but as yet can't find a way to root that doesn't leave it with Chinese apps and cwm can any help
  3. newbie2012

    Buying from China?

    Hi just got hold of my new phone starn9589 quad core mtk6589 only 1gig ram and 4 gig ROM 5.7 HD screen phone is well made and fast smooth fells nice to use I got it from aliexpress Sandra's n store good service she put it down as sample on shipping bill so no tax to pay and shipped via DHL 3 days with tracking number she is helping me find a way of rooting phone as the only way at the moment leaves the phone in Chinese is apps etc but all in very good phone for the cash 1 year warranty but if you root kiss that goodbye if anyone has found a root please let me know cheers
  4. ha ha that was easier than i thought !! but it helps if you take the time to read up on stuff that you good people have put on the forum thanks.

  5. newbie2012

    hi new to android help!

    thanks mate . Seems i am daft !!! 2.2 sorry what am i on about . Think i should read up more b4 i start dont wanna brick it
  6. newbie2012

    hi new to android help!

    not daft but phones aint my best feild ! and really need to get the orange garbage off my payasyougo san fancisco II orange wont help and all the web keeps saying is root it and i cant seem to get one straight way of doing this some say unlock it from orange first some say dont need to and whats the best rom to use it gen 2 and running 2.2 would like some help if anyone has the time

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