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  1. Hi Guys, Any good news about ad-hoc connections on AndyPad? Ben
  2. Updated my post, above. This Will be very usefull feature to have.... Ben
  3. Thank you for your response ... its reaaly helpful. I have also just relaised that adhoc is not working for me... I have tried different wpa_supplicant but wouldnt work... kindly could you please provid me with the right one. Many thanks Ben EDIT: Never tried it before.. only got AndyPad recently so not sure about previous ROMs
  4. Csharpe............ Thank you for the V4, I have just applied it! yes system is r/w now, however when I plug my USB to the pad it keeps sayin Not Charging on the top, is this expected behaviour? (it used to show the chargin percentage b4, but not any more) am I doing something wrong here? Once again thanks for the good work. KR Ben

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