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  1. My phone don't sleep with this kernel.15% low battery after night. I used it with B934 .
  2. When l can to download v0.2?I want to test your ROM. I think it's good!
  3. When l can to download v0.2?I want to test your ROM. I think it's good!
  4. When we can to see V 0.2?
  5. I can't to download this rom after waiting. '' Sorry, the file link that you requested is not valid. Reasons for this may include: Invalid link The file has been deleted because it was violating our Terms of user''
  6. SAlexSS

    Help for backup

  7. whether it means, what the cache will move on ext the section automatically?
  8. I know about DarktremorA2SD. I can move dalvik cache on ext partition when the internal memory is filled.But I can make this operation once.When the internal memory is filled again, this operation do not work. Phone reboot and occurs nothing. Why? Excuse for my English!
  9. KonstaT Can I use script data2ext with this ROM? And how can I install data2ext,if it is possible?I like Your work very much! Thanks in advance!
  10. What you think about Link2SD? How I can use this programm with this ROM?

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