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  1. Mind open sourcing your Pyramid Trees? Just a request. Thanks for your work man.
  2. Man, post this on XDA. This deserves a lot more of attention, great job man. Sent from my Sensation using Tapatalk 2 Beta-4
  3. The update is awesome, but reboots and lockups aren't. Do I have a bad flash or this is how build is? Great job as usual Trip.
  4. You are doing something wrong.
  5. Come on.. that ROM is a mix of Virtuous and Trips Rom, this guy has NOT done anything different from what has been already done. Plus I'm pretty sure Trip didn't gave him permission to use this ROM as a base.
  6. Go to Setting/Power and uncheck Fastboot. Then try to press Vol down and power.
  7. I got the same issue. That and there is a bit of battery drain. Also.. battery usage is not available. Other than that, great job Trip.
  8. Nope.. by Music and Gtalk. And sometimes Tapatalk ( when its not even running)
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