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  1. I was just curious as to why it wasn't working for me the first time round.
  2. Ah, can you perhams send a link to the Adreno App and data?
  3. Yeah, I downloaded it when I accepted the EAULA License thing. Downloaded it from within the game, won't get past the loading screen now.
  4. Just read about preview being fixed on the camera. Had a mini heart attack, the excitement. WOW
  5. Y Yeah, I've downloaded and got SD Data, but stops at like 2 percent of the bar on the game loading screen. Doesn't work at all for me after that, doesn't get past that. I mean like, I click on new game, go through all that, then there's the loading screen with the protagonist and a group of randomers, and it won't get past that, decides to force close on me.
  6. I'll take a look at that :) Thank you. EDIT: Tried that still doesn't work :(
  7. I've had the ZTE Skate since ..... sometime in the beginning of the year. I started going on a download frenzy of apps. I got Fifa 10, NFS:Hot Pursuit (Amazing game), and Grand Theft Auto 3. I realised it didn't work. I was too late for a refund. I then discovered it worked on some phones. Thing is, how in the blue hell do I get it to work on mines? All suggestions, help, etc are all appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Did I just read a Complete Camera fix? CM9 approved? Does that mean it'll possibly be here with the next build? Or am I dreaming?
  9. So far the progress has been amazing. Can someone tell me what this 'preview' thing is? Sounds stupid I know but ....
  10. My phone's perfect. No reboots or anything on the 26th build, plus the GPS works for me on that build and everything else, and the battery's amazing. 28th build rebooted every hour, so reflashed 26th :)
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