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  1. Scroll down the page abit and there's a thread zte skate tpts get the stock orange one and follow instructions. Can't help much more as I'm on my phone at the moment
  2. What you want to do is a put a tpt on your Sd card and boot it up to get cwm back. After that put a rom on the sd card then you should be back up and running
  3. Newest coldfusionx android 4.0.3. Stable few choice atomic, skatie, ice armour
  4. I've seen people get mixed up with the menu button and the home button :wacko:
  5. Keep hold of your middle hard buttons and volume + then keep hold of power. That combination works for me
  6. Cheers mate. Also how do I find out what rom in on? I got a notification for update when turning my phone on but don't no if its this one. Sorry for questions used to my skate haha
  7. My windows 7 DVD says files are missing or corrupt yet it worked on my mates laptop :-
  8. No worries thanks for the reply. Ill get my laptop sorted. Stupid bootmgr is missing
  9. You won't be disappointed once you play with it either! Pure briliance
  10. Skate is a great phone don't get me wrong. I bought my misses one after I sold mine! Great devs here and helpful community. I still come here and I now have the g300
  11. Got my g300 today and was wondering if there is anyway to root and install cwm without a laptop? My laptop has packed in and haven't got access to another one. Thanks
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