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  1. I have my omc unlocked and rooted thanks to instructions I have found here. Sadly the phone has a hardware fault and i need to return it to the store it was bought it. They will let me replace the phone rather than returning to Orange for a repair. However I have superuser installed. While I don't expect them to check through the phone too thoroughly I think its probably better if Super User isnt staring up from the app shelf. The phone isnt running a custom rom, What can I do to get rid of superuser without losing the unclock?
  2. I'm having this problem too along with certain small parts of the screen being insensitive to touch. The thing is that I'm using the stock ROM and have never flashed the phone. It's been unlocked but that all. Is it a back to the retailer job to see if they'll fix it?
  3. Mu question is basically what it says on the tin. Is there anyway to increase max volume? I am still driving a car with a tape deck and I can hook up the OMC to it to play but the volume isn't sufficent really and I'm forced to use my ipod instead which works perfectly....but Id rather not be carting both around all the time. So can the volume be boosted? Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Thats great Andrew. Thanks a million for the reply, I've just bought one now. :)
  5. The phone is fantastic but the glare off the screen in daylight means I cannot see anything and makes the camera view finder screen as good as useless. Is there a solution or a screen protector that diminishes glare that anyone recommends ? Thanks for reading :)
  6. I haven't seen it mentioned so just thought I'd say that the Filmon app works fantastically on the omc. It provides lots of live tv channels including bbc,itv,ch4,ch5 etc. There's no stuttering or poor quality at all. Anyone tried any other sites they'd recommend?
  7. Katharina

    Setcpu profiles for OMC

    Hi, 1st post! I'm a bit new to this so this might be a silly question... I have an OMC on the stock rom but it's rooted. I've installed setcpu but the max clock setting I can get on it is 800mhz with no option to increase this. How are you getting more than this? do I need a custom rom?

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