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  1. I looked at this. I just synced and compiled, I haven't removed anything so I'm not sure why it isn't there. Possibly there is a patch that needs to be applied since we're armv6 or something. But I don't know. Maybe KonstaT can shed some light on this?
  2. I have a successful 02/11 build here. synced sources. credits to KonstaT http://www.mediafire.com/download/i5gw64737cf7tas/cm-10.2-20131102-UNOFFICIAL-blade.zip
  3. I saw on your legacymod github that CameraClient.cpp was edited 3 days ago, I think it got broken. though I think it's a CM change that broke it by the looks of things
  4. I get this error when compiling: frameworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraClient.cpp:703:23: error: 'CAMERA_CMD_METADATA_ON' was not declared in this scope frameworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraClient.cpp:704:23: error: 'CAMERA_MSG_META_DATA' was not declared in this scope frameworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraClient.cpp:705:23: error: 'CAMERA_CMD_METADATA_OFF' was not declared in this scope frameworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraClient.cpp:706:24: error: 'CAMERA_MSG_META_DATA' was not declared in this scope frameworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraClient.cpp:707:24: error: 'CAMERA_CMD_LONGSHOT_ON' was not declared in this scope frameworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraClient.cpp:709:24: error: 'CAMERA_CMD_LONGSHOT_OFF' was not declared in this scope make: *** [/home/matt/WORKING_DIRECTORY/out/target/product/blade/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libcameraservice_intermediates/CameraClient.o] Error 1 make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... Anyone know what's up with that? haven't changed anything
  5. I had this issue too and couldn't work out the issue, I just removed FM radio and it works fine. still trying to find the problem, it's weird
  6. I've got another build here if people are keen: http://www.mediafire.com/?kovy3dcp7pwjrhl MD5: B26D3A0C43DF2D23922A4C966CB7BC9D Just synced upstream sources, all up to date. credits to konstat for original (everything is there as I decided I needed to upgrade my system to 180mb /system, only thing gone is FM as my setup for some reason won't build FM)
  7. Calculator, calendar, email, fm, stripped Latinime.apk, maybe a few others. Can't remember exactly.
  8. Self compiled build here if people want it: KonstaT said 'Might be a while until the next one' So If you really can't wait here is a 4th October build: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8dgoo3ee78rdab3/cm-10.2-20131004-UNOFFICIAL-blade.zip I removed a few things I don't use to fit it into my 160mb partition so if you want them back just get them from the last build. It's just the latest sources compiled so any bugs will still be there. All credit to KonstaT, I've only compiled it. (if you want it taken down KonstaT, just ask)
  9. I totally understand why you're stopping developing for the blade. Our hardware is too outdated now to offer anything extra in new android versions. It was good while it lasted. You've done an amazing job and taken our blades further than even oems thought were possible. Long live the blade!
  10. roms come pretty far, impressed with your work. Does anyone else find that it just destroys your ram? I'm also on like 40mb of ram spare when testing for a few days
  11. I'm doing computing at uni next year! Not at Oxford, not smart enough, although i do live there. Its an awesome place! You'd love it.
  12. This one gives you wpa encryption https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.googlecode.android.wifi.tether
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