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  1. VJftw

    [DEV] Liquid Metal dev-team (for CM9)

    i'll figure out a way to set this sort of setup up next week hopefully. i'm very busy over the next few days i'm afraid
  2. VJftw

    [DEV] Liquid Metal dev-team (for CM9)

    I'm not great at development (especially with hardware). Though, if there is a way for you guys to be able to use the power of my PCs, let me know and i'll work on letting you guys compile on them :) I'll run a VirtualBox Ubuntu on either or both of these PCs and allocate these resources to it (ONLY when you need to access and compile though as they aren't spare computers) PC 1 Host: Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T (6 Cores @ 3.2Ghz) Memory: 8Gb G.Skill DDR3 @ 2Ghz PC 1 VirtualBox Allocation (What I can offer): Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T (4 Cores @ 3.2Ghz) Memory: 4Gb G.Skill DDR3 @ 2Ghz PC 2 Host: Processor: Intel Core i5 750 (4 Cores @ 3.8Ghz) Memory: 8Gb Corsair Dominator @ 1.6Ghz PC 2 VirtualBox Allocation (What I can offer): Processor: Intel Core i5 750 (2 Cores @ 3.8Ghz) Memory: 4Gb Corsair Dominator @ 1.6Ghz This is subject to change as I am off to university very soon.
  3. ah yes, though i would have expected people only to move the apps that need to be ran on the nand because they need faster load ups. so these would be like Homescreen Launcher and sms (if you've changed it) and keyboard(again if you've changed). This could be expanded to remove duplicate apps that do the same thing that are on the nand as well. So say if you have 2 launchers on the nand, it will ask you to pick one to stay on the nand and the other can either be removed or stay on the sdcard. That will keep accidentally taking up a lot of room low, but yeah these are all small additional features that are not part of the critical path for this to work. I can't promise anything as i've never done Android development before, but after my exams are over i'll take a look into it and see if i can make any progress.
  4. I think we could possibly create an app that moves the applications we like to the /system/app folder. however, when we update it'll save the newer apk in /data/app like normal. It'll probably end up being a bit like Link2SD where it moves the app back to /system/app after updating.
  5. i don't think tethering works on 1.4C, try 1.3a
  6. VJftw

    Making Images/Roms

    i will get round to writing out all of my endeavours for development into this phone (there hasn't been much at all - but i'm still learning), but like Lens i'm in the peak of exam season and i only finish on the 21st. These exams are important as they determine whether i qualify for my place in Loughborough University. Once these are finished i'll be back and putting effort into here.
  7. Is there any way to get the default Acer Music app working so that the music tab in notifications works? I've pulled the apk from t&l metal, but the app fails to install. I've tried placing it in system/app but it doesn't appear as installed either so i'm guessing i'm missing some sort of other prerequisites.
  8. VJftw

    [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    ah right
  9. VJftw

    [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    we're armv7 i think...
  10. VJftw

    [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    read lens_flare's signature...
  11. Just a suggestion, I noticed that some of the System apps are ones that have market links like JuiceDefender etc. I'm not sure if this is true, but I think that when the android market updates these apps, it puts the new apk in data/app leaving the older one in system/app as that's where it was before. Maybe those apps should be moved to data/app so that as they're updated the old versions are replaced. I'm not entirely sure if this happens anymore to be honest
  12. I really like what you've done! It's much better than the stock rom for me. Could you mirror on google docs for much faster download speeds? or do you not have a google account, in which case I could upload to docs for you? Thanks again! EDIT: I think out of personal preference I'll revert back to using Link2SD as I like having more control over which apps reside on the phone permanently as I do use my phone as USB drive quite a lot. Good thing i did a Nandroid backup :)
  13. VJftw

    Voodo sound for acer liquid metal

    i dont think the speaker is bad quality, it's really really good in ICS. I think it's more the driver isn't great
  14. VJftw

    Clockworkmod recovery v5.0

    oh, mines literally just added this line to fstab: /sd-ext ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 /dev/block/mmcblk0 haven't tried restoring a backup yet but its worked for backing up
  15. VJftw

    [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    mostly out of interest, I'm trying to learn so that I can contribute something back to this community eventually

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