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  1. I had the same problem, although its accessing my own mail server. I downloded K9 mail which has done the job for me - works perfectly and seems better than the standard email client. The problem seemed to be either down to a particular attachment on an email, or when I had previously read email on the server with my laptop.
  2. Hi I'd like to thank everybody for this thread. My new SFII is now unlocked. It seemed daunting at first, as a total beginner at smartphones and android, my advice to anybody new is to read the thread about 3 times and get the process in your head then follow through each step carefully and remember to breathe inbetween steps... I found Arvind's doc to be very useful in expanding the steps from the initial post. The thread says that some people have had trouble with running QPST on win7 64 bit. Mine went smoothly on 64 bit. The only issues noticed so far (a day later) are: Its only got the basic android keyboard, I was enjoying the extra choice on the Orange branded system.Much more important, after its been asleep for a while, wifi is stuck on 'disconnecting'. Clicking connect/disconnect does nothing - its greyed out. If I try to click wireless settings then 'settings' crashes. Switching off and on again and the wifi is fine.The default email app crashed after setting it up, whenever it tried to access my mailbox. I installed K9 email and this has been faultless.Many Thanks!
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