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  1. Hello, I install the cm12.1 on the y300 from my daughter, but i cant call. Mobile network not available. I can enter the sim card code, but thats it. Does anyone now how to recover this. Regards Doser.
  2. Hello, I find the problem, i used the older version fo ADT, and that one works. Doser.
  3. Hello, I use ADT, but ADT does not show my acer. Does any one know how to fix this. Regards, Doser.
  4. Hello, I have installed tl-metal 2.3.6. on the phone, can i install this firmware now, or do i have to install the original firmware first? regards Neo.
  5. Hello, i just dowload the original firmware from the acer site. It is a zip file. Can i flash this firmware in recovery mode? Regards Doser.
  6. Yes i am sure, i have the Liquid Mt S120. Doser.
  7. Hello Itpitt, I use "CWMrecovery5.8.4.3-Mt-Touch-Ex4support-CreatedbyEduard1234" Regards, Doser.
  8. Hello Mtman1, I Already did all off that. I will download the file again and will give it a try. Regards, Doser.
  9. Hello Mtman1 and Itpitt, I download the file on the site ( lfdesigns ) and installed it on my liquid mt. I installed it in recovery mode. When i reboot the phone when the install is done, its starts in fast boot mode. I cant get it to work, do one of you know why? Regards, Doser.
  10. Is that one also for the Acer liquid metal MTs 120? Doser.
  11. Hello, I downloaded the "MIUI liquid 2.3.7c phoenix signed.zip" can this one flashed to my Liquid metal mt s120? Regards, Doser.
  12. Hello topolo, I know how to format, i did it with minitool. I first format the sd, ext4, primary, cluster size 4kb, label ext4. But maybe this is wrong and the cluster shout be 2kb, i dont know. Regards Doser.
  13. What are youre spec. For formating ext? Regards Doser.
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