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  1. Hi :) Why not if you are able to do it because i dont know how to do it ... I'm looking for upgrade to android 5.0 i'm gonna try some tuto to make my own custom rom for this phone but its not easy at all ... thanks
  2. 143 views and no answer this is really sad how people don't help other and are just here to dowload and read tuto without thanks ....
  3. Hello there, I think I have a little problem with my settings with my Chinese smartphone, he is compatible with almost all existing frequencies BUT there is a concern, I do not understand why my phone only displays almost the entire time that it is connected in 2G and 4G but I liked these quite annoying because 4G is not available everywhere in my country (Belgium, my operator is Mobile vikings - Base). I'm sure I set my phone to work with 2G/3G/4G 3 modes. I do not understand why because my phone do CDMA and WCDMA my operator it is WCDMA. So I try to look with Uncle Mobile Tools but I have no way to make the phone work with GSM / WCDMA / LTE the only option I have with the 3 mode does not include the WCDMA but CDMA. Here are some screen to a better understanding of my problem. My settings in setting app: Photo : 1.png My settings in mobile uncle is "unknow" : Photo : 2.png Photo: 3.png My phone works on these band : GSM band : 2/3/8 WCDMA BAND : 1/2/5 TD-SCDMA: 34/39 FDD-LTE : 7/3 TDD-LTE : 38/39/40 I really need help to have LTE/WCDMA/GSM in same time to have 3g fonctional when there is not 4g Thanks you very much !!!!
  4. Use this : https://towelroot.com/ Just click on the logo and instal APK and run it . It's working perfectly :)
  5. Hello , Here is some Links and Help for coolpad 8730L Users First off all dont forget to instal Drivers : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1Ec5YTPHJQhNlpoeW9aSjZHcU0&usp=sharing HOW TO INSTAL Gapps : 1) Instal Gapps Manualy with an explorer and modify the permissions LIKE HERE Youtube Video : Gapps : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Ec5YTPHJQhUG0telQ5Z0ZMZ1k/edit?usp=sharing 2) Put the Zip file into the INTERNAL Storage of the phone (dowload HERE:https://drive.google.com/file/d0B1Ec5YTPHJQhdHlSUE9qQkpRZWc/edit?usp=sharing ) Go to : Settings => Accessibility => GMS Package install HOW TO ROOT THE PHONE : 1) Go in the recovery (Volume +/- and power ) and flash with this zip file ZIP FILE : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Ec5YTPHJQhRW1mT1VOS1lMR2M/edit?usp=sharing FACTORY RESET THE ROM : : 1) Just instal this software https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Ec5YTPHJQhazhDaHF3c0FTbjA/edit?usp=sharing 2) Dowload the rom and extract the file : http://www.needrom.com/mobile/official-rom-for-coolpad-8730l/ Or google drive : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Ec5YTPHJQhMWFyLU9tVkdpclk/edit?usp=sharing I'm looking for someone how can TRANSLATE the rom because th rom is only in English and chinese. I have try with the app "Morelocale2" but the rom isn't translate with it only apps . I hope you can enjoy my small tuto , and don't hesitate if you need help about this amazing smartphone !!!
  6. Petite pensée au vieux con qui ont été se ruiner en achetant des bunker au à l'autre bout du monde .. je pense que sa leurs à beaucoup servit :)

  7. Ok thanks :) I hope -acer can finish cm9 :)
  8. Hi, Someone Can give me the APK of GoogleChrome because when i try to install it on the play store it say "The devices is not compatible" Thanks in advance :)
  9. Here it is I made it for you (and me of course :P ) CWM : http://www.mediafire.com/?epd9fkxpmjpt3jd Enjoy !
  10. The link of CWM6 is dead :/ Someone can reupload it pls ??? Thanks in advance :)
  11. Nice new ! good luck "acer-" I hope you can finish CM9 :D
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