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  1. Konstat, I have found error with polish translation in gtalk. Looks like gtalk is in english even when i chose polish as android language. I'm sure it was ok in SS4b. Looks like the problem occur only in polish language. For example when I change language to germany everything is ok...
  2. Are you sure there is no reason ;)? I had the same but I find it was a problem with notification about open wifi in my area.
  3. For many people it's very usefully, for example when you are in noisy place. Is there any chance to add this vibration as an option? When I will replace the phone.apk with old one the vibration will back but does it change something else in functionality of the new ROM? Edit: I'm talking about -call connect vibrate disabled
  4. Great job, thank you very much KonstaT. In my opinion your ROM is the best for everyone who need a stable and fast phone for work. I'm testing your ROM for three days and I found only one problem. When I try to make a call with built in SIP my interlocutor doesn't hear me. A microphone in the phone seems to be off. I found that this is a known problem with built in SIP aplication which want to use only headset microphone. Unfortunately I can't find any fix for it...
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