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  1. Hello, I would first like to thank you for this great rom which gives a second life to my Blade, but I wondered why it is so heavy (90MB), while the CM9 KonstaT includes a few more features and is lighter? :)
  2. Firefox Os may be less attractive than Ubuntu Touch, but is nevertheless based on a much better idea. No doubt that in two years, when the appearance and some featureswill be developed, it will be great!
  3. And Firefox Os, it is possible (when it will be released ) ? :)
  4. Hello, this rom has it more or less battery power than the Swedish Snow?
  5. Hello KonstaT, very nice rom. :) Do you plan to integrate an ad blocker in the rom, as in the Swedish Snow? It would be great !
  6. Hello, there are more updates because, for those who love ICS, the Roms ICS are now fairly stable. It's as if I were to make now a theme Gingerbread for the Swedish Pring (Rom Froyo)!
  7. Yes, I'll do one, but it will take a long time because I make big improvements
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