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  1. 1. pinglis: what problem??? 2. the rom on xda its for v970M (MTK procesor and dual sim)
  2. on rusian site its that methot gest its v15 now its v18 from december... its show (dont finde device "11 times" then pres enter for finish, whithout any emotions from the device) i gona try this version...
  3. my device dont want root, i try u970 then rusian version of root but nothing u970 at least restart 3 tims my device but then instal root explorer, show "yor phone isnt root search on google how" :( anyway thanks for the advice
  4. Hi friends, finally activity on v970, :wub: i fallow rusian forums for some time, they have 2stable roms on 4.0.3 base, 1 its this one, and other its (kgdma 2.0) it is more for those who want a rom without any apk + they hawe there some interesting apk like "beats audio" or "make me loud" and more... sry my english from translate :unsure: by the way SAM TYLER can you give me an pm with how to instal the root and cwm, i try to root but dont get aniting good... gest error ken you help a noob white a full description of what i need to do pls
  5. "nope, because it is on ventana , our grand x are on whistler. both tegra 2 but diferent." 1. the miui is for ventana, so can i apply him on ours whistler tegra2 (ventana) 2. what is the difference between whistler and ventana?... google say its the same... I ask because I'm afraid to ruin my device, :wacko: :unsure:
  6. thx "chele" so i have whistler/Grand X/P943T, but the same 1GHz tegra2 and it said in indentifinder (ventana), i can instal this rom white rooting then later try the miui rom from oficiall miui roms database??? thx for any help advice, i am a noob :(
  7. how can I find out what technique its on my device (its so many device).
  8. Danielxxx same store about 3last updates... everione bootloop :( i ask many times here but gest all sei i am noob :( strange fact is the AOKP work fine this not why??? (i ask and tilal in privat mes but nothing) gest silence or minor insults :) meibe bow when wy are more user more atention :) gest hope that sry my bad english
  9. it is a litle more stable, more faster and HD games and visualisation its more eficient and smooter sry my english and heros THX :D my new rom, THX a lot "gg"
  10. no reaction... i am not a expert in android but i know how to instal a rom (i test many of roms from modaco to skate) but is first time when the rom dont finish the reboot... i do proces of instal on last 09/05 stuck... the same proces on 04/05 work fine WTF help pleace :wacko:
  11. my device block on boot animation... need remove the battery... gest i have this prob or have somoane else this (on 04/05 bild everithing is fine) Help i want this rom working on my Skate :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  12. Dionisius

    [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    how i can put ics theme on my device??? any advice...
  13. my device after flash and wipe sistem then reboot from CMW stuck on boot animation 2 times triing 2 fail what to do ??? sry bed englis
  14. Dionisius

    [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    All Skate user wait on topic :D what can be more valuable thx tillaz
  15. flash player working on this rom... i test 10.1 now have 11 works perfect (ice armor 3)

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