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  1. Still no updates or even news of forthcoming updates? This is seeming more and more like abandonware Its a real shame given the initial experience appears so good Oh well you live and learn Si
  2. Success at last, Have tried multiple wipes and reflashes over the last few days and was unable to switch into the GPe ROM it just rebooted into TW. The problem seems to have been the Philz recovery I was using, flashed TWRP with ODIN and instant success ! Now time for a play...! Si
  3. Hi Paul, No I didn't wipe after flashing, I initially tried a dirty flash over a pre rooted factory ROM but when that didn't work I wiped and started afresh. My phone is an unlocked UK i9505 int. Si
  4. Have tried reflashing everything from scratch and still reboots to TW ROM when I try to switch. Si
  5. Hi folks, Finally got around to install this morning, followed the instructions to the letter. The touchwiz ROM is working perfectly but whenever I try to switch to the GPe ROM the phone just reboots to the Sammy ROM ! Have tried to reflash part 2 of the ROM but it makes no difference Any help would be appreciated Si
  6. Is it me or is the kitchen borked It just says unavailable whilst waiting for load balancing or something like that Si Edit : Never mind working now :)
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