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  1. If you people want to listen to local radio stations. Just log in to www.eradioportal.com and choose the station you want to listen to.
  2. I just stumbled on this idea and i was pleasantly surprised that it worked. I found a mobile favorites file from the microsoft mobiles website and it lists many websites optimized for pocketpcs (and smartphones). Anyway, i found some links to internet radio stations and when i tried the links on the smartphone... it WORKED!!! Of course i was connected to the PC with a pass-through connection so it was faster (and cheaper). I know this isn't a completely mobile idea (since you are tied to the PC when listening) but it should be something fun to do while you are online and your phone is idly connected. Hope you enjoy it. Here is the link to the mobile favorites: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/inf...tes/default.htm
  3. xb


    Dino... I don't think i want to push my luck by locking the phone again. I obviously did something that made it possible to unlock the phone. If anything it proves that there is a way around it. Although that gym bag does seem interesting... :lol:
  4. xb


    I really don't get it. How come my phone was unlocked by SPV Unlock 2 on my phone which Smart themselves upgraded??? And all on the first try. I will try to investigate this further. I know how frustrating this can be for those with locked phones who want to use other sims. I myself was almost resigned to sticking with Smart forever when i "locked" my phone to the new Smart ROM. Where did you people get the SPV Unlock 2? I got mine from a french website. Maybe there are updated versions of it or different variants.
  5. xb


    Kulepoy, what SPV unlock version are you using? That seems to be a problem with the old SPV unlock when used on a Smart ROM.
  6. xb


    Place the xml and picture in IPSM/Application Data/Home then go to Settings-Home Screen-Home Screen Layout then choose simple3 and the spidey2 picture in Background Image.
  7. xb


    Here is the xml and the wallpaper. spidey2homescreen.zip
  8. xb


    I really can't believe it myself but the pictures speak for themselves. I also had my phone updated with Smart at their wireless center and when i used the SPV Unlock 2 it unlocked the phone. I didn't even need to input the code. I would like to know if anyone out there has tried it on a vrigin pc (one where no smart rom update was opened) because i would also like to know if it is true. homescreen.JPG rom version.JPG
  9. xb


    I am using the latest ROM (ver. 1.70). The people at Smart put it in themselves. I think it's because i recently reformatted my pc so all my ROM update data was erased. This leads me to speculate that the cause of the unlock may be in the ROM program when you update it from your PC. It probably puts a file in your PC that prevents your phone from being unlocked. Either you use a PC where no ROM was updated in or reformat your PC as in my case. You will not need to input the unlock code because SPV Unlock 2 unlocks it for you na. I hope this helps.
  10. xb


    That's strange. I tried the SPZV unlock 2 and it WORKED!!!! My phone is unlocked! I just put in my globe sim and it accepted it seamlessly. All i did was put the phone in bootloader mode, remove wcecomm, run the program and VIOLA!!! I am very impressed!!!
  11. Hey Carlo, this is Chris. Thanks for a great event! Thanks too for the shirt. I am still wiping the drool from my face from playing with the XDA2.
  12. xb

    OFF TOPIC----pda cellphones

    I think i was that person you were referring to. I did not use the GSM/GPRS sleeve for the ipaq because it is bulky. Instead, i used a GSM/GPRS CF card (from Audiovox) and attached to the ipaq using a silver slider sleeve. As expected it was a one of a kind. Really svelte!!!! Sure turned a lot of heads. As you may imagine though, battery drain on my 3850 was MONSTROUS! I had to recharge from almost no power everyday. It was fun having it though at that time. I included an attachment with a picture of it. EDIT awarner image removed as a much smaller image posted below
  13. xb

    PPCW.Net i-mate ROM

    I used the eurotel update which contains not only all the aforementioned features of the qtek (all msgs deletion, extra field for mobile numbers, txt counter, etc.) with the added function of an english T9 (with ascii characters). But a small caveat. Although it has english T9, it doesn't have the expansive dictionary of the smart update. Also, the ascii characters, although present, may pose some frustration to people who want to text numbers without switching to number mode because there are so many characters to sift through before you reach the number desired. Other than that, I believe it to be the best ROM update. It also changes the bootloader to 1.07, far more updated than the smart 1.04 bootloader. And it is downgradable too.
  14. xb

    Bejeweled for Smartphone?

    GOOD NEWS! There IS a Bejeweled style game for the smartphone! It is called Treasure and it comes bundled with the Mitac Mio software bundle. I have tried it and it is quite good. My addiction has resumed. :)
  15. xb

    Qtek ROM

    So let me see if i can get this straight. First i'll back up my ipsm by going to explore in activesync and just copy/paste the ipsm directory and its contents into my pc, then I run the eurotel update and when that's done just copy paste my ipsm from the pc to the phone? Did I get that right?

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