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  1. My SPV (3rd one) has gone back to Orange and is not coming back to me. Gone back to my nokia 6310i and ipaq 3630 and have sanity and order once again (as well as a working phone). Great concept, just wasn't ready. Will probably end up getting another spv or similar in 6 months or so, when smartphone 2003 comes around. Richard
  2. My love affair with spv has finally ended. After 2 replacements all with different faults, Orange CS without hesitation gave me a refund and accepted me returning the phone -- they lady i spoke to told me she had 50 returned this morning! When version2 comes out, I may buy another. But for now will buy a new ipaq 3970 with bluetooth to use with my (old 6310i). Bye all Richard
  3. What colour is your endcall button. Mine is Green! But should it be red. Richard
  4. There are a few bluetooth gps units on the market now, so if and when the sdio card comesout, linking to a gps unit would in theory be possible (provided that the gps software was codesigned by orange :wink: ) Richard
  5. No Wasn't thinking properly today. The 928 is a dying product anyway - the b***rd son of compaq and ipaqs merger. Will probably get a new ipaq 3975 to replace my 3630 and keep the spv for when i don't want a pda in my pocket. And anyway it can only get better (providing ms don't kill it first). What do you think of chances of bluetooth add in for spv seeing that the sd card is supposed to be sdio compatible Thanks Richard
  6. Sorted it out! There was nothing wrong! Didn't bother reading the manual and didn't notice that you have the hold the * key down rathe than pressing it once to get t9. Sorry for being a pain Richard
  7. Seriously getting concerned about this device now! Anybody know how much the jornada 928 is ! Richard
  8. Hi, Only t9 on my spv! What about when you create an email. Can you use t9 in the email body field? Richard
  9. Hi Is it me or is t9 text input only available on several apps or even parts of apps. I can only seem to use multitap when creating emails using the body part of the email. T9 works on the subject field, but that field is limited to about 50 characters. On the Tasks you can ONLY use t9, and on most others you can use ONLY multitap. (and I have been using the * key to change input method!) Sorry if this should be in the Bug file Richard
  10. Well Said Amo, The thing has only been on sale a week. Nokias are far from perfect as anybody who bought a 7110 or to a lesser extent a 6210 will tell you. My 7110 was at the dealer getting reflashed for more time then it was next to my ear. And I have a 6310i (2nd one) which decides to reboot whenever it feels like it (like when sending sms!). So a little more patience and (i am sure) that things will be working properly and updates will start to appear. get people using it. and get it fixed. They have built the ability to fix remotely using orange update into the phone. and the money that Orange must have paid HTC and Microsoft it is in their interest to get it sorted. And if it doesn't -- Well something better is bound to be out soon anyway! Just my view anyway.
  11. Really can't remember, but have been using my 6210 and 6310i with windows 2000 using irda way before sp3 came out. Richard
  12. Wouldn't say it is Useless just not finished. Think microsoft or most probably orange rushed it out to beat t_mobile and sendo to market and maybe should have waited until it was completed. There will probably be a service pack in a month or so which will fix most of the bugs. At least you won't have to send the phone away like my 6210 and t68 which needed at least 4 versions of software until one was stable. Richard
  13. Worked for me first time on windows 2000 professional. Remember to get the update from microsoft which allows you to use virtual comm ports in windows 2000 to use irda. Richard
  14. Hi All, Just had to replace my SPV. Everytime I answered a call it turned itself off!. Orange are sending me replacement tomorrow. So its back to the 6310i for today. Richard
  15. You can attach a voice clip to an email. I use this when i am out to reply to email by recording a voice messsage instead of typing. This gets sent as a wav Richard
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