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  1. ok, im at work tomorrow so i will put your design together after that :) until that i will redesign the whole thing and put that together ^^
  2. I have now tried this boot animation and it works flawless! If you have set your display settings to low light, after the bar finnishes loading the screen turns darker. it loogs pretty good, a bit choppy than expected tho. hope you like it anyway ^^ but, still how do i change the boot logo? :P have the design ready just need to know how to change it :)
  3. Now i have created some of the design as a loading bar, press the preview to see the action. Here is the first preview ;) Here is the finished boot animation:bootanimationT&L.zip
  4. Hi every one, was just thinking, what is the "t&l" short for? Also was thinking of redesign boot logo and boot animation for the t&l since the design isn't optimal and nice (personal opinion). since its t&l metal i was thinking somting more metal-ish design with these green letters or so. If this is ok than please comment, im starting to design now, and also, how do i change bootlogo? boot animation already figured bootanimation.zip.
  5. well, isn't that an modified deskclock.apk? the icon for that one looks different from other deskclock.apk files?
  6. One app that i really miss is deskclock.apk, it doesn't include in t&l rom.
  7. Hi, i have been looking every were for these apps, cant manage to find them anywere, so now im asking could someone send me all .apk files from their stock rom? Really appreciated if you could do so. The thing is that i would like to customize my own rom, and based on another one (only personal) with some of other apps i will pick out like Advanced taskmanager and such. Im tired of allways have to re-install all of my apps from market each time im changing rom so, ill just flash this one afterwards. Great regards.
  8. I cant access root menu, i followed all these steps, but sitll geting the triangle with the ! and an android, i have tried several times, still geting it. Im using 2.3.6 android version (standard where i bought it). please help me. [EDIT] Don't mind to answer, solved it, mu fault, red on another forum that i had to press VOL UP + VOL DWN + CAM HALF PRESSED + PWR. And my solution was VOL UP + CAM HALF PRESSED + PWR. Thanks any way. ^^
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