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  1. DAAAYYUUUUMMM!!!!!! Nice Zee, I had a gut feeling that u will be the one who will be doing this great job for us :) Thanks a ton man! And by sound shuttering u mean, music player breaking the sounds or something? Cus I NEED music! :P
  2. Happy new year peeps :D

  3. Relationship Tip: Date women who have more pictures with her friends then pictures of herself.

  4. Dude u mad or something? or may be retarded? Seriously is more than a year old post, No one gives a s*** about this, Go and download Cm10 roms!
  5. Drinking coffee and

  6. Happy Independance day to everyone :)

  7. Why would u think that in the first place? I dont see him mentioning your name anywhere in the QUOTE u qouted! @Galaxy bro the lock screen is extremely laggy!
  8. People keep telling me that the 'right person' will come along. I think mine got hit buy a bus or something :/

  9. Pretty good song :)

  10. I hate it when I meow at cats and they don't meow back. :P Unbelievably rude.

  11. ahhhhH! Finally MY NET IS BACK!!!!!!!! what a relief!

  12. hey do u have a zip to install nav bar? My home key doesnt work. I need that plz!
  13. the other slim bean rom sucked! I suppose this doesnt too!
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