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  1. Hejsan! Jag ha en vad ja tror!! är en SE Arc..i vart fall enligt den etikett som sitter under batteriet...men, gå man in under "Inställingar", "Min mobil" så är det en Arc S"LT18i....När jag försöker uppdatera från Android 2.3.4 så har jag försökt med både Flashtool och SE PC Companion..men efter att mobilen försöker starta om, så får min dator felmeddelandet att Windows ej känner igen enheten...och sedan kommer jag ej vidare...Samma resultat om jag med PC companion försöker göra en reparation..... Telefonen verkar ej vara rootad, Har även försökt göra detta, men lyckas ej.... Har även försökt med en omstart genom att trycka på Power i kombination med ljudtangenten upp...men det ger bara en vanlig omstart.. FÖRSLAG???
  2. Hello, Im interested, but I have problem to get CWM Recovery implemented into my G300..I have succed to root it, but no success with CWM Recovery...Would appreciate if anyone can give me some advice..THANKS IN ADVANCE..
  3. amren

    Stopped at LG logo..

    Oh, it started with I want to make factory reset and the mobile stoped with error message "unfortuneatly stopped at andorid.com"..and advice to make a new factory reset..but it was not possibly to get that done....After this I have looked around and med NV-flash, and also with CW Recovery (still working) try to use CM7 or CM10..but it all stop at LG-logo.....I feel very tired now, been working for 5 hours unsuccesfully....All ideas are Wellcome..THANKS
  4. amren

    Bricked LG optimus 2x

    Difficult for me...I try made a factory reset on my LG Optimus 2x and it stopped with message on the screen...Encryption unsuccessful..and error message Note: Unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped...I have try to reboot and much more also used CWM Recovery, but it always end up at this Point..What do you suggest???
  5. THANK YOU ALL...I finally succed to root...After delete and than download the drivers again to my Vistalaptop..Everything works fine to root...AGAIN THANK YOU ALL, WITHOUT YOU HAVE HAVE NEVER SUCCED...
  6. Now I have tried to install the drivers on two different laptops, one with Windows 8 and one with Windows Vista.....when installing the drivers at the Vista laptop I can see that all parts are installed....EXEPT the part named "Android"..here it say that "Userdata is needed"...Never experanced that before.....I guess this is what prevent Everything..
  7. Thanks I have tried agin and checked that USB debugging mode is ticked, phone is turned on and runing...and the drivers are installed...VEEERY STRANGE...
  8. I have been following the trouble shooting advice...and also checked that the drivers are in my laptop..(I for instance have no problem to read the memorycard I have in the mobile in my laptop....The drivers installed in my laptop (Windows 8) are: Handset Win driver strange....
  9. amren

    Help [CWM] How to?

    How did you succed to root it?..Thats my problem...
  10. Im so happy you want to help...I tried now your second offer and get message "demon starting succesfully"..but after that "error, device not found"...even if I know the drivers are installed in my laptop...I will try now your first option...
  11. I maybe should tell you that I bought it from the shop (in Sweden) with 4.0.3 installed....I have downloaded ROM Manager but it say it must be rooted before I can reboot into Recovery, and when I try flash Clockwork Mode Recovery they ask me confirm model of mobile, but this model is not on the list..
  12. Hello...I have just got a Huawei G300 runing Android 4.0.3 and now I would like to root it..I have tried some variants but they seems to be working on version 4.0.3...THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ADVICE..
  13. I have lost WiFi after installation of CM 7.2 I lost WiFi..Everything else is working well..3G, Bluetooth..Any idea how to solve it???Thanks in advance...
  14. amren

    [ROM][ICS 4.0.4] LG 4.0UI BETA 2

    Thanks, but I have also been looking there, but seems this is not solved.....BUT THANKS FOR YOUR KINDNESS TRY TO HELP..
  15. amren

    [ROM][ICS 4.0.4] LG 4.0UI BETA 2

    Thanks anyhow for response.....Just thought, or rather hope, that someone have found a solution.......

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