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  1. I want one to run remote gaming on my TV.
  2. Plays fine with no errors. Get some stuttering if I dont kill some background apps first to free up the CPU a bit more though.
  3. m.tvcatchup.com works fine on atomic v4 for me. I havnt installed the new kernal or anything.
  4. I have seen this problem pop up on other phones when researching my boot problems. I think I read somewhere its a misbehaving app and that it dousnt happen when the phone is in flight mode.
  5. Well i have been doing some testing of my problem. Reboot=hang power off, wait a minate, power on=hang reboot to recovery, boot phone=hang reboot to recovery, fix permissions, boot phone=WORKS :) open rom manager, fix permissions, reboot=dosnt ever finish fixing permissions. Why would running fix permissions make it boot? I saw it mentioned somewhere in an old thread on another forum about a different booting fault. Widgets seem to load fine even when linked as long as my mobile is booted without having to remove the battery. I thought widgets could not be moved to sd as the sd card is unmounted when the phone is connected to a computer crashing the widget. according to link2sd's faq the second partition used by link2sd is not unmonted so should the widgets stay happy. Oddly it seems only some of my widgets got unhappy when my phone hangs. Some are linked and some arnt and some of them manage to recover without my intervention.
  6. Hello, Just posting to say I love the rom. I got my first android phone at christmass and settled on the atomic 3.E which has worked brilliantly. I get satidfactory battery life, everything runs smoothly except if I install GO weather the menu button dousn't work so have to use another weather app. I am using link2sd to link everything and still have 70mb space left with 85 apps installed. I have run into too problems however. If i reboot or power off my mobile, wait a few minates and then power it up again it shows the green robot switchs to the word android and stays there for a long time. During this the buttons along the bottem flash and the virate vibrates once then eventually the screen dims and goes off. press power button again to wake screen up and its still on android word on screen. Wait 15min and still on android word. To make it start up i have to remove the battery, put back in and then power on the mobile and it starts up fine with no problems. Once the phone starts any widgets have to be replaced as they just say loading for all eternity. Any idea whats causing the boot/shutdown problems? Is there anything I should not link with link2sd? I hope you can help.
  7. 1018 for me. stable and happy. It does run at 1037 with quadrant but crashes in AnTuTu benchmark. Rom: atomic 3.E clock speed: 1018 Quadrant standerd: 1372 AnTuTu Benchmark: 2178 Stability test: Ran all three test's 5 hours each with no errors.
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