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  1. I'm sorry, but I know only flashing procedure fot chipset MTK6577 :-(
  2. You are true, nothing is impossible :o) SIM lock is made by customized ROM by operator. You can solve this problem by flashing another ROM (original ZTE maybe). I thought that simlock is not used for some years, but as I can see, some operators are still doing it.
  3. Majkl007


    Have you your phone rooted? Because I have and everything works good. And I can't belive that ZTE disable flashlight feature for Grand X and don't disable it on V970. I have tried 3 apps and each of them works. The light isn't as strong as on SE NEO V, but it is useable in places where you don't have light...
  4. Majkl007


    all of free apps like flashlight is working on V970, rooted ;-)
  5. Thanks very much for this ROM. For me everything working perfect (for brithness I'm using power widget). Extremly quick, overclocking possibility better than other ROMs, OMX drivers 100%, coveradge of ICS also very good. I did complete wipe before installing.
  6. Ganster, you did very great step to make ARMv6 devices useable for a years in future. Really thanks very much for your work. I hoped all the time sbd like you is alive :-) Thanks very much and many greetings to UA. Keep your work as good as now. Sry for my bad english - I'm ill and drunk (it didn't heal me :-( )
  7. No, Mr.Google have presented new Nexus (I think with very nice price) and also android 4.2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pHuoDqcIyqk today afternoon.
  8. Hey dude, nobody understand your "spilled tea" language :-) Please write in English.
  9. I will test this ROM tomorrow, today I have no time (a lot of things to do). Anyway thanks very much and I hope this will be my final ROM 4ever.
  10. I don't agree with you. I like CM10 very much, but missing OMX drivers makes it unuseable for me. I'm sport fanatic and I need app CT4 Sport (czech streamed sport TV 24/7). I don't need any HQ youtube and so on, I'm too old for watching this (mostly) stupid videos. But sport is "must have" for me. So I'm waiting for this ROM which may be the best choise for me (nice graphics etc. and working OMX drivers). But I don't see any download link and I think this day (named tomorrow) is ending in a few minutes (in European time) :-)
  11. I'm too stupid to do this :-( It took me 2 hours and terminal don't like me and also instalation of cygwin. Maybe I'm too old for this advanced things.I like CM9 and CM10, after trying this I will stay on CM7 (because I need streamed sportTV and it will never works on ICS or JB) :-( But this script is very good job for many people. Thanks.
  12. I'm using Auto call recorder - for me it works fine. Good quality of both sides and it is free. Try it, I hope you will be satisfied with it.
  13. Thanks for your help. So there are two possibilities: buy a new phone or go back to CM7... it will be difficult choice, because i love Blade and also it is impossible to go back to 2.3.7. :unsure:
  14. Hi all, first I'd like to thank to Konsta and all his team for this perfect ROM. Only one thing is remaining for my satisfaction. I have a problem with stream (czech sport channel application CT4 and also ivysilani of czech TV - there are many movies, serials, documents and news online for free). This was 100% working on CM7 and I think, that it is working also on my previous version of CM9 (but I¨m not sure). It is not working HQ both LQ. Youtube is working in low quality. Sport is absolutely necesarry in my pocket, so if you can help me you make me really happy :-) Thanks very much.

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