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  1. yes, there was, but it is already discussed on modaco. it is the modified version of sanek's build.
  2. forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1602516
  3. you have such a great brain, please add languages to this rom, it will help a lot of people
  4. http://uptobox.com/ehkpvzoffvf8/Lezo_V880_1.10.19.zip www15.uptobox.com:8080/d/way3wjcsf2r76xkqxzvjobr4mzkiqr3djlhr2zgpvtd22xxqeuwbthc3/Lezo_V880_1.10.19.zip
  5. I just tried changing build.prop file default to Dutch language but this rom only has English and Chinese language in it, and I don't know any app which adds language to system ...
  6. I unknowingly started this topic which already discussed on xmasterninni's jb- miui thread. for jellybean miui here is sanek's build: narod.ru/disk/61803216001.ed94b74eb80c7c3cc0364c0e47f2b6ec/blade_2.9.21.zip.html
  7. thank u for the update, sadly I am also not being able to download it, but definitely try to do it tomorrow. btw I found this www.miui.com/forum-34-1.html though everything is in Chinese but lots of miui roms there
  8. I think it is the same old adobe 11 fake which uses flash 10.3 libs (in the flashable package) and flash 11 apk, AZ installing flash 11 won't get the libs in data/data folder
  9. I tried your work, I found it awesome, great snappy from even in my idea blade, but it would have been better if you cut down it to a smaller size by removing some data.
  10. great news man, it wud b grt if u optimize it for 256 ram version, anyway r u porting it from any other device?
  11. oh thanks for the info,btw I don't use lewa os anyway, bcs I want to play temple run, which is also a measure of how much ram is available ,and for me Lewa os fails. moreover I knew this issue , so whenever I flash this rom, I keep my data off, I prefer joyos, Lezo os and cm 7.2 kang, currently stuck with lezo 1.8.24, best suits for me..
  12. when I installed lewa os, my data was also not working, but in my case there was no apn in the network settings. in other Rome it was there by default. I just saved a new apn of my aircel and it worked. btw for Chinese roms just Google 'v880 rom ' u can find a hell lot f Chinese sites in the results ...

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