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  1. I just tried "ro.qc.sdk.audio.fluencetype=fluence" And I get "getprop ro.qc.sdk.audio.fluencetype" --> "fluence", but still doesn't work Any idea? Thanks
  2. Whatsapp calls doesn't work. I can call, and i can ear the other person, but they can't ear me. Any idea? I have a G510 Thanks
  3. luisfeser

    [request]Sailfish OS for Y300

    +1 A really nice and free OS
  4. luisfeser

    g510 B200 can anybody do a ROM?

    Thanks a lot!! this is exactly that i was looking for :)
  5. EDIT: I found this: G510firmware(G510-0200,Android 4.1,Emtion UI,V100R001C00B200,General Version) http://download-c.huawei.com/download/downloadCenter?downloadId=20627&version=35215&siteCode=worldwide (dated 14 may 2014) Please, a flashabel ROM from that link.(without modifications, only root) Thanks _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here are some ¿news? firmwares in huawei support's page: http://consumer.huawei.com/en/support/downloads/ Are dated from 5 june 2014, but are minor version number that B199, i think.. Anyway, can anybody do a flashable ROM from this firmware? G510 firmware(G510-0100,Android 4.1,Emtion UI,V100R001C432B198,West-Europe Channel) ZIP: http://download-c.huawei.com/download/downloadCenter?downloadId=21425&version=37493&siteCode=worldwide There are too: G510 firmware(G510-0100,Android 4.1,Emtion UI,V100R001C479B193,United Kingdom Channel) Y300 firmware(Y300-0100,Android 4.1,Emotion UI,V100R001C479B197,United Kingdom Channel) But in my case, i would prefer G510-B198 west-europe Thanks in advance!!
  6. After update xposed and reboot i get errors in telephon and messages application... Any idea? I have g510. I have changed build.prop renaming for g510 Thanks
  7. 0.46 eat more battery in my device (stock 197 in g510) and still without zram 0.45 works better for me. sound enhancement sounds good ;)
  8. Did you remember to add zram in stock??? 0.45 works really good for me.... By the other hand, can you add init.d support?? Thanks
  9. Thanks for add zram, but i think it is missing... There is anything to do?? There is no zram block, no zram module Could you do a little howto compile a kernel? i would like to compile my own with stock huawei sources, but i get an error
  10. Working without problems in g510 It is posible to add zram?? Thanks
  11. Network not work properly... I have 510-200. 3g is slow, but 2g is imposible (wifi works great). I don't know where si the problem. Anybody has this problem? Thanks
  12. Is this ROM suitable for g510-200? Thanks
  13. yes, you need to install gapps, you can use from jventura post: http://www.modaco.com/topic/359058-27012013-eco-cm7-a-minimalist-cm7-build/
  14. Well, there is no changes in CM7 since 19th april, so if you want here is a buid from 30th april :) This build have enabled tablet mode, so you can use soft buttons as can you see: (you can put notification bar top/bottom and show or not soft buttons, the option are in tablet settings) I use this build.prop from an early build, i think everything works great and battery life is so good for me, adapt it for this release: https://dl.dropboxus...1175/build.prop Other recommendations: - Zeam launcher lighter than ADW (you can delete adw apk) - Puffin browser (good speed even in 2G) - QuickPic for photo gallery (if you use this, you should remove gallery apk) Download: https://dl.dropboxus...ICIAL-blade.zip md5sum: 6692214389ab738a1d38efb624d74cae
  15. I would like to merge some Konstat ics patches with yours, jventura. As said andr0idbeliev3r

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