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  1. I did a wipe and flashed one of your the earliest ROMs from the kitchen (version 28th June 11:00) and noticed that Gallery won't show all my files and when I connect my phone to my machine it only shows a few files. It looks like it's a media scanner issue, and I've tried downloading a few media scanner apps from the Play marketplace as well as stopping/wiping data of the app but to no avail. I'll probably have to re-wipe and try again unless some other bright soul has some ideas.
  2. When I had come to ir11 from ir10 originally I hadn't wiped... so I expected some nuisances to pop up when going from ir11 from a week ago, to one last night...
  3. Just baked today and I lost the notification and menu bar. I came from an IR11 bake from about a week ago... wiped cache/davlik... anyone encounter this? Tried with and without the stock % battery mod and the extra search buttons Edit: Researched the thread, I guess I gotta do a full wipe... oh well.
  4. A friend of mine who switched from MCR to a CM9 kang liked the built in CM9 notification toggle because he said Widgetsoid was confusing ??? I just said "OK" to him...
  5. Heh, I never noticed this... I rarely turn GPS off anyways, so maybe it's time to remove it from my notification toggle?
  6. I know this is a bit off-topic, but can you remove the hole in the notification bar when using widgetsoid? I prefer widgetsoid too but that damn hole bother's me as well as it shifting in place (up or down) sometimes depending on some other notifications... If I could figure out a fix for that I wouldn't need baked in notification toggles. For me, I have the following setup Wifi/BT/GPS/ForceDataSync (probably optional)/Brightness/SilentMode/Battery% (since I haven't flashed in a couple of days so I don't have a % mod baked in) I think Wifi/BT/GPS/SilentMode are pretty critical
  7. I know cellular companies' tech support is often dreadful, but maybe give a call in? Also, maybe review your APN settings? Sorry...
  8. The number you're entering into the SMSC field is not a phone number, but rather one that is encoded. The first link is a list of SMSC phone numbers for different providers. The second link is a website that will allow you to encode the SMSC phone number into one that is usable by your phone. On the second site, there's a field at the bottom left of the screen that says "SMSC" then "Recipient". Looking at the first link, let's take the following SMSC number - +447973074999. If we enter it into the SMSC field and leave the Recipient field blank and click convert we're given the following number. AT+CMGW=8 0791449737709499110000910000AA00 We can ignore the first AT+... part. What we want to enter into the SMSC field is 0791449737709499 (up until the 11). Hit Update, then hit the back button until you get to the home screen. You can go back to the *#*#4643#*#* screen and hit refresh and you should see the exact same number. If not then re-enter it again, hit update and hit back until you're at the home screen.
  9. Your SMSC was probably lost and you'll have to re-enter it. You'll want to go into *#*#4636#*#* and phone information. See http://dl.xda-develo.../0/0/2/smsc.txt and http://www.twit88.co...u-encode-decode
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