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  1. Sorry, I'm not using the skate anymore. :blink: I moved over to FairPhone... :D The last version I made of these gapps was based on the goo.im 4.3 gapps http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20130813-signed.zip Note: the most recent PA Gapps do not work anymore. I don't know why. You just need to remove these folders/files for it to fit: optional install_optional.sh system/lib system/tts system/usr And in the \system\app directory path, keep only the apks below at the minimum (you can get gmail, g+ and others from the google market) ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk ConfigUpdater.apk GoogleBackupTransport.apk GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk GoogleFeedback.apk GoogleLoginService.apk GoogleOneTimeInitializer.apk GooglePartnerSetup.apk GoogleServicesFramework.apk MediaUploader.apk NetworkLocation.apk Phonesky.apk SetupWizard.apk VoiceSearchStub.apk use 7zip to do it easy ;-)
  2. The following xda post contains a tool to convert ARMv7 to ARMv6: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2563222 Post your converted APKs in this topic :-D
  3. Provision.apk is replaced with SetupWizard.apk by the GAPPs zip. New version of the GAPPS up, by the way: gapps-4.3-stripped-20131118-bazyx.zip 11.8 MB https://mega.co.nz/#!tJ5CWAqK!APzvnRrtDDqXtkg6lBDCBwgyoxdy6Ss4-myNj9eQDFQ Updated with the latest PA 4.3 GAPPs. They will not be further updated so you will need to include further updates in your /system partition youself (using Link2SD or Titanium backup or another one) Please note that this GAPPs WILL replace LatinIME.apk with a trimmed down version containing only English dictionary. Just remove that file from the zip if you do not want that.
  4. Gestures do not work with the default keyboard Install another keyboard from the play store: swype is my favorite choice. There are others as well.
  5. It works thanks :-) Calibration is to be found in "Settings -> Device/More... -> ZTE Skate Settings" For info, I updated the GAPPs I posted earlier: gapps-4.3-stripped-20130924-bazyx.zip https://mega.co.nz/#!IZI30BhI!f5cNl2b0ZE4s7huFUM-yOlUoMGVqtwV6GiFg_m_PghQ The changes are in the updater-script. The difference is that more ".apk" files are removed during installation. This reflects my personal preferences and might not be adapted to everyone's use. These are mostly apps that can be installed again via Play Store and live wallpapers (do you really need those on our feeble Skate?) List of apk in /system/app/ that are removed in this new version. Calendar.apk Email.apk Galaxy4.apk HoloSpiralWallpaper.apk LiveWallpapers.apk MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk NoiseField.apk PhaseBeam.apk SoundRecorder.apk VisualizationWallpapers.apk List of apk in /system/app/ that were already removed by the original script: Provision.apk QuickSearchBox.apk Note: There were some other apks deleted by the original script but they were not present anyway, so I cleaned those out.
  6. I updated my stripped 4.3 GAPPs. - Removed the Google Play Services (will be installed by the Play Store) - Added a few missing libraries (looked everywhere to find what was needed or not and finally had to guess a little while keeping it small) New link here: gapps-4.3-stripped-20130905-bazyx.zip https://mega.co.nz/#!xRwHSLBB!Zo24k1rnQTtIYYy9JdDcFVgIGtR-atmbCXW_3RPhOSE
  7. Thank you very much. It indeed works quite well. It uses 216 MB space on the /system partition with my stripped GAPPs installed (and Mounts2SD) see post http://www.modaco.co...20#entry2154395 for the link to the GAPPs
  8. Thanks for this. I took the long road in the meanwhile. Found C3C0's Skatie in TPT image format and installed it. Used my backed up apk of TPT Helper to install it and could repartition according to my likings. I am testing the 4.3 ROM installation right now. Will let you know about the stripped GAPPS in a short while.
  9. I made one: gapps-4.3-stripped-20130903-bazyx.zip (14.0 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#...FgD0AuzcHdiRvLI I used this one as basis: http://goo.im/gapps/...0813-signed.zip And replicated the configuration as found in this one: http://goo.im/devs/C...ed-20130329.zip Some of the apks that were removed could be installed directly from the file manager. Just take them out of gapps-jb-20130813-signed.zip and copy them to your sd card first. BUT ! I could not test it yet as I am partitioned on 200 MB + 2 MB cache and that is not enough for the ROM itself (202 MB)... So I need to install a GB ROM, use TPT helper to partition to 230 MB + 2 MB cache and try again. If anyone has a zip with this layout, I 'd be glad to use it directly. Less hassle. Tested it with 230 MB main + 2 MB cache partition. Google Play works. What else do you need?
  10. Thank you for this. Please upload it to pan.baidu.com I will put it on other file sharing sites if required.
  11. If you have a VAT number and can deduce it from the total price, you can buy the FairPhone for under 300€ Here are the specs: http://buy-a-phone-start-a-movement.fairphone.com/en/specs/ It will come installed with Android 4.2 and with future support for Ubuntu OS, FireFox OS... Only drawback is you have to wait a little before it is sent over as the production is not yet complete.
  12. +1 for Smart Launcher Cannot get anything better
  13. Every little step counts... At the very least, they are advocating for a "cleaner" phone which might trigger the other producers to turn their heads to that issue also.
  14. If you are more concerned by ethics than by bigger bang for the buck, do like me:get a www.fairphone.com It is a very good phone and completely open (i.e. rooted) Plus they will most probably support installing other OS'es like FireFoxOS and Ubuntu Touch. Not many phone producers go that far.
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