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  1. Burstslam..... Wer R uuu ???? R u wOrkin On AnoTher RoM for Zte Blade..... :-D......I just tried Ur Ics Rom Can u tell me How To Remove Glitches in gallery in dat rom....??
  2. But none of me satisfied wid ics roms I tried Konstat CM9 itz awesome Den Burstslam Roms which is d best But It becomes Laggy........So Wanna Try Dis.............
  3. Hey mikeionnina Can u Just only Ur kernal .35 zip file Bcoz I want to Try dat On Equilym's Rom.....!!!!!!!!! plzz Nd Plz tell Me also dat will it run on equilym'S rom....!!!!
  4. hey vamshi bro.....!!!!! plz release your .35 kernel......bcoz most of the work on the roms are dependent on that kernels.....!!!! from a long tym we had never seen a update of rom.....!!!! plz release it soon.....!!!!!
  5. i have dell xcd 28 equilym...!!!!!! can u plz sort out dat effects....!!!!!!! i really lyk dat effects....!!!!!!
  6. hey equilym!!!!!!!!! In this rom Screen rotation animation does not work properly....!!!!!........Means dat it rotates but it has green screen coming before the rotation.....!!!!! i rebooted the phone but titz d same....!!!!!!! could u plz check it out.......bcoz i like those effects very much....!!!! nd bydaway rom is awesome....!!!!!!!
  7. firstly i was using lewa rom dan i used equilym miu rom dan 2 days ago i switched to icsmodv5.....!!!!!
  8. Thnxxx Dude!!!! Equilym i m waiting for dis port and massacre can u plz tel dis to equilym dat to port dis rom soon!!!!!!!!!! bcoz i m eagerly waiting for it!!!!!!!!!!
  9. This Rom Sucks!!!!!!!! wid vamshi kernal!!!!!! three sensituve keys are not working with it!!!!!!!!!!
  10. can u add Themechooser to this rom!!! plzzzzz..... Hey Racerboy!!!! can u please Add Ics Theme In the Lewa Rom!!!!!!
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