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  1. I've kept all the ROMs I'd downloaded so if anyone needs a stock SFII ROM, here you go guys, hope it comes of use to someone :) -- (This is OUK_P736VV1.0.0B13, had renamed everything for my convenience) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1rP2EENdWpwdkJPSnZTQmhua1k
  2. Different APIs and what not in 4.0+ so understandable, but what about for CM7 atleast? Even video gets recorded at 352x288 max, for now..
  3. ZTE sucks.. :( So lifting prebuilt libs off stock ROMs don't work I guess?
  4. Why can't we use Crescent libraries?
  5. Awesome work Curtis, well done! :) Just got back after a long day and I'm going to check this out in a bit, will report back on anything else, if there is. And will see what's possible with the front cam, never had a use of mine until now.. Maybe you could list down which CM/custom features are there too on this so people would know the difference from stock in functionality?
  6. I'm not sure of what's possible with the FTM screen (stock recovery) except for unlocking. As your device boots to FTM though, recovery works, that means getting CWM on your device would be the simple way to go. For that, boot into the bootloader and install drivers, run the 'CWM auto installer for fastboot'. To get to the bootloader, there is a key combination like to boot to recovery, power+volume up/down as I vaguely remember, but it has worked only once for me more than 6 months ago, when I had FTM, so I can't really confirm.. Or maybe the buttons were different, as I was pressing everything until I got to bootloader. :)
  7. Easy, if on Windows, just do 1. Enable ADB on the phone and install drivers 2. Run the auto CWM installer (make sure you're connected to internet to download fastboot drivers from Windows Update) 3. Reboot into CWM 4. Flash the Superuser zip from the superuser site (Easy find on Google) 5. Reboot your phone and its rooted! You can later flash the stock recovery (FTM screen) if you want to get rid of CWM also. :)
  8. BLu3HaZe

    GB ROMs

    Seems good, list of working/not working and features? Anyone tried this ROM?
  9. Any updates on this XMasterNinni? We'd like to help in getting this ROM developed more, now that things such as Bluetooth also has been fixed on CM. And I believed that Seb's debranded ROM (which you used as a base) was deodexed, but any idea why .odex files are still present in that zip while none of the others except stock contain them? Would that have been an issue here? Edit - Seems somehow your build has got rid of the .odex files.. :unsure:
  10. BLu3HaZe

    GB ROMs

    Swedish Snow seems to need a lot of repairing, but quite promising if it can be done. Also, is there any other ROM apart from CM which has integrated the T Mobile theme engine? Daz, any pointers? :)
  11. BLu3HaZe

    GB ROMs

    I was thinking about this for a few days and attempting to merge CM7 with a stock ROM today in the morning. By strange coincidence, now that you've asked a question as above, would it be a feasible project? Can it be done? :) I love CM7 and its stability, the extra features, battery life and all, but the few broken things here and there makes it just fall short of perfect.
  12. BLu3HaZe

    System partition size?

    Well thanks to ZTE naming mess up, we have two Blade 2/IIs (P736V/E and P735T). The Free Blade S is the same as SFII (P736V) and all TPTs made for that will be ok for your device. Check out this thread and also Amphora's (which I can't find at this moment on the mobile) PS - The Blade S is only €69??
  13. BLADE II (1GHz MSM7227A-T) Stock ROM - Sweden Link - https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B1rP2EENdWpwUlo5cHc1YVBSQTg Disclaimer - Provided as is, for the people who have flashed Blade 2 ROMs on the Blade II. Use at your own risk, downloaded from ZTE. I have not modified this ROM in any way and hold no responsibility whatsoever for any complications that may arise from the use of the above file.
  14. @gbosh - Wouldn't that be a bit radical first step? @ShurikMD - If you have ClockWorkMod custom recovery installed, you can try clearing the Dalvik Cache and Cache, that has helped me solve such issues on stock based ROMs. If it works, your data will be untouched. If not, next step would be to clear the Data partition (factory reset) too and see, which should most probably fix your issue, BUT your phone will be completely erased and will be starting like a new phone. None known methods will remove your unlocking of network you've done. How to install CWM (if you don't have already) has been described in detail in quite a few posts around the forum.
  15. BLu3HaZe

    System partition size?

    Blade 2 or Blade II? Your earlier post mentions the former, which is also known as the Crescent (having San Francisco II, Vivacity etc. as sub-models). The latter (different newer CPU) has little or rather no support I'm afraid.

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