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  1. Hi there, my brothers Acer Liquid Glow (E330) has both a cracked front glass and some moisture in the LCD. I was thinking of trying to repair it for him. I found a part for about £18 but I can't find any teardown instructions or photos and so I am relucant to order it incase this is a device that is a real pain to repair. I've repaired other devices before but every one is slightly different and some are much worse than others to do and I don't want to cause further damage. Has anyone with this phone replaced their screen or even opened up the device? If anyone could weigh in on the matter at all or better still provide photos / instructions that would be marvelous!
  2. wollac11

    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    Yes it will still work because you are in the US. The existing patch still bypasses the device check on the new app (although my Nexus 4 would be supported anyway) but the issue I have is that I am in the UK where there is no official Google Wallet support on the app yet and so it refuses to let you use the app. The Modaco toolkit patch also includes a removal of this check on older versions of the app but it doesn't work any more with the latest Wallet update because they have changed the way they check for your location. They used to take it from your phone's locale but now they use your address.
  3. wollac11

    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    Is any chance of an update to the Google Wallet patch that works with the new version of the Wallet app? Not sure if it is still easily possible but it would be great if it is.

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