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  1. Cata_Simi

    Huawei Ascend G510 only £130 on Vodafone PAYG

    Orange has released a new phone in my country ORANGE NIVO specs : http://tinyurl.com/c48rh47 Specifications include... 4" 480x800 resolution TFT Dual Core 1 Ghz MSM8225 CPU Adreno 203 GPU 512MB RAM 4GB ROM 105 euro with no plan and two other phones are waiting (san remo and the other one)
  2. He's the well known TROLL, just ignore or report
  3. WELL I PUCHASED THE APP AND AFTER BEING DISAPPOINTED I SERCHED IN THE DEVELOPER FORUM and this is the answer from the developer itself: You will be able to use voice search with Google Now, but not directly within, as on ARMv7. You will have to go through my app to pass the voice command to Google Now. But there is a desktop shortcut available, and on most devices, it can also be associated with the homescreen search widget, so it is basically zero effort solution. As long as you do not need to make another voice command while already in Google Now - you will have to leave it first or just type the query. SO BASICALLY THE HOME SCRREN PERSISTENT SERACH MICROPHONE DOESN'T WORK AND AFTER SEARCHING STH THE MICROPHONE WITHIN GOOGLE NOW DOESNT WORK NEITHER I don't know what this app is doing but i had exactly the same result using voice search app from app drawer and it needs voice search anyway to work !
  4. Indeed it is not snappy and responsive especially on touching, but i doubt that 4.1.2 is so different (haven't tested it since Konstat's 4.2 came out)
  5. Well that is not entirely true, he/she copied my nickname (cata_simi) to Sata_Cimi and My profile picture and keeps trolling and refered to my posts sometimes. I reported him several times! I am trying to be as serious and helping as posible. You can follow my posts (not Sata_Cimi's) Now I hope to not get banned for this but once you identify him, He can be funny sometimes
  6. I do not see the utility in pie controls since we have hardware buttons with same functionality (for thoes with bat drain) it will be better, trust me, just keep charging
  7. trying to upgrade from 6.3 right now Yeah it's usual, only clean cache and dalvik cache Done it, everything works perfect after a first look Thanks
  8. most likely most likely YES, don't be afraid to try for yourself
  9. I hope you're having fun, I reported you tree times' hope someone who can will ban your account/ip (moron copied my photo and my name and is polutting the thread)
  10. I assume you mean gesture typing - Is only for armv7 processors - you can disable it
  11. Mine too, but i do overclock that might be de cause too (happend rare though )
  12. feels a bit smoother dunno if it's autosuggestion

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