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  1. i brought my ASCEND P6 in Portugal, what does "1. You Must Be On B118CN" means? what i must do to have B118CN , how do i check my version? thanks
  2. could anyone give a litle help here? i want to install kitkat but need aswers from post above... thnks
  3. Hi trikomlabs i have rooted my P6, i dont have recovery instaled. thats stock rom? how can i intall? if i install it, when the oficial KK stock version is released will that beta version update itself? or i will have to install stock room for the oficial KK be instaled by the update menu in options? thanks in advance!
  4. I flashed: Regular version (ZTE Skate / OMC): http://ubuntuone.com...YU7dipYU4V0jVVu I'll flash that prox file from link you just gave to see what happens! Thanks for helping
  5. I dont have a file called "prox_data.txt" (should be in "//data/misc" like other roms?)and i have a file "prox_threshold.txt" that as some numbers mixed with letters. Realy need help on this please :)
  6. i can. but i have that issue when i instaled this rom in the first time. Solucion was to go to settings and restore default values, all was wipped out but then i could sign with google account. i dunno if there is another way... Fagyi, im tired to change values of prox_data.txt and reboot, but i can't get my proximity sensor to work right. the autocalibration settings in menu don't work either. Is there any way i can set this to work? can u please give me your values of your prox_data.txt file??? Congrats and thanks for your job, this is the most fluid and beautifull rom i ever tryied!! If i get proximity sensor work fine, im done! :D edit: by the way... whas is LockClock??
  7. Nice ;) This rom is too far the fastest for skate, and looks like ICS, I love it :-D My proximity sensor is not working. I have already went rom settings and used the calibration tool. Then I reboot, still not working :-( This is the only issue I have. Is there a way to fix it? A question : some one knows where to buy online a flip case for our skate?
  8. Hi I had same issue. The only way I found to fix it was download lucky patcher on my pc, transfer to SD card and install it over the old one. Now it works. I have low sound volume with this rom for calls and notifications.
  9. i found solution: i set factory default... loged my gmail account again, now market works fine Is there anyway to get status bar transparent???? and status bar icons white??? u know what i mean.... :D
  10. i googled it and tryed this but did not worked! i keep having error 403 while installing an application from Google play any idea? :O
  11. Hi Rom looks like ICS and very fast! But i have a major issue: When i try to download or update an app via market (PlayStore) it returns an error: ill translate: "CANNOT TRANSFER UPDATE DUE TO AN ERROR (403) How can i fix this? thnks!
  12. To just look more like 4.4 KITKAT, is there any way to have the icons in status bar in WHITE color? Can i apply a theme? (i mean stock themes, not like GoLauncher themes...) Thnks! edit: i found a way. ive instaled a kit kat theme and using the settings ive changed the color of batery and date to white. Just one question: I use MXPLAYER to watch videos i render. in gingerbread roms the playback was fluid, in this rom (and other 4.x roms i've tried) the playback is a bit laggy. Is there any way to fix it, can i have a more apropriate coded instaled on MXPlayer for this phone? I've tryied also other players but no success :(
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