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  1. breesey

    Jiayu G3

    Nice one, have taken a chance on one of these on the strength of your reviews, hope it arrives before christmas! Any devs planning on getting hold of one?
  2. Just to add my two cents: Overall, definitely feels very smooth, finally comparable to the Blade. Everything runs smoothly. That said, I've had a few stutters in music (sourcing files from my microSD) that I've not had on any previous ROMs but they're nothing more than a minor annoyance. Battery life is awesome! Got two days and a couple of hours out of it, with standard usage (Data always on, few calls, checking twitter, ebay * mail, sending and recieving texts). I have experienced that Font glitch on the homescreen that a few people above have mentioned, not yet been able to pinpoint what might be leading to it though. All told, fabulous. Thanks for the hard work Daz!
  3. Vodafone need to sort this out quicksharp, we've been waiting months for the promised ICS and this lousy update is what we get? It's unbelievable.
  4. breesey

    Buying devices direct from China

    That Newman N1 looks awesome. Think it might be time to sell off the Ascend G300 and venture into the world of MediaTek.
  5. breesey

    Rivals: Three UK to stock the Asus Vivo Tab RT

    Does it take a sim card? I presume if Three are selling, it will.
  6. breesey

    CIDotW - Zopo ZP900 / H9500 Leader

    Great idea for a series of articles! Look Forward to reading more on these...
  7. Nice! Just installed this, ICS is really getting to be creamy smooth. First time the music player has been quick, and the interface is feeling as responsive as my Blade now. Thanks for the good work, can't wait to see what else you have in the pipeline for this!
  8. Absolutely great service that I would recommend to everyone! Can't fathom why Google haven't made it available in the UK yet...
  9. Just wanted to say this is the first ROM I've found for my G300 that is made it nice to use...just need camera and headphones and it'll be perfect. No crashes, so very happy. Thanks very much!

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