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  1. viluDense

    Screenshots thread

    Wow! love the walls. Can you share plis?
  2. How can i get the UPDATE.APP from vendor extracted? Is it possible to include the framework mods in a custom ROM? Thanks :)
  3. Ok, sorry for asking about youtube. Airdorid didn´t work for me... just reboot my skate whenever i istall it so... Thanks ;-)
  4. Airdorid reboot my phone when I install it... Any fix for that? And any news with youtube HQ?
  5. viluDense

    MIUI/CM9 Softkeys

    Ok, thanks! ;)
  6. viluDense

    MIUI/CM9 Softkeys

    If i flash the softkey they are permanent? I mean, will they appear while playing games or watching videos and also in the block screen??
  7. The link doesn't work and the dropbox one of razzmataz gives abort instalation in the latest cm9 build. If anyone can make it works in that build and upload it I'll be grateful
  8. viluDense


    It works fine for me
  9. Hi tilal6991 ! How are you? Hope fine :) I have been away of that for a while but now that i'm back I'm facing a big big problem. I cant compile a ROM downloading the code, it is just impossible because i cant find how to extrac the propietary files from my skate. I dont know where is the problem because it should work... but... I Know you are not my solution to all the problems but I cant make it work. Lots of thanks =) viluDense
  10. Hi, I'm doing that for zte SKATE what i need to change?
  11. viluDense

    Battery % while off

    Es normal todavia no hace mucho calor pero ya veras en veranitoo :) Aah hablas muy bien ;) i wish to know as much english as you spanish
  12. viluDense

    Battery % while off

    Ok... if you say so... Te gusto? :)
  13. viluDense

    Battery % while off

    Ok i've changed the explanation. Hope that it is clear now.
  14. viluDense

    Battery % while off

    No one knows??

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