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  1. mmm, me has dejado con la intriga, podrias exponer como se puede conseguir ese rendimiento salvaje jeje ???? saludos
  2. Ok, problem solved, but not all apps is possible to link to sd. It is correct ?? some apps says "system application" and it is not possible to link. Thanks so much.
  3. When I opened link2sd or app2sd first time doesn´t appear the window with ext, ext 2 ... simply it is possible to see the window with the apps. Look the picture, it is from link2sd / menu / storage info thanks
  4. Hello, i have a problem, the internal memory is full. I have done a sd partition with the recovery to micro sd sandisk 16 gb 4 class, 512 ext, 0 swap. But link2sd and app2sd doesn`t acknowledge the partition in sd. What´s wrong ?? The phone is root, with t&l rom and technolovers kernel. I tried doing it with rom manager and result is the same. Thanks so much.
  5. <br class="Apple-interchange-newline">No se a que te refieres, a ver, sigo los pasos para instalar el TechnoLovers Kernel desde la sd etc, pero, cuando se reinicia el telefono, tras darle a reebot system now, se reinicia pero no llega a inicarse el telefono, simplemente se queda la pantalla que pone acer y technolovers kernel edition y de ahi no pasa.
  6. Hola a todos, he seguido los pasos y he podido instalar el t&l Metal 2.3.6, todo perfecto agradezco mucho el tutorial en español. El problema viene porque he seguido los pasos para el overclocking y se ha producido un problema ya que se me queda en la pantalla la imagen de los androides junto con acer y el tema technolovers kernel edition, y de hay no pasa, se queda asi muchisimo tiempo y no se inicia el telefono normalmente, eso porque es debido ?? si he hecho todos los pasos bien???? muchas gracias
  7. Sorry, but i don´t know what must I do. Please could you tell me the steps, Thanks so much.
  8. branded ? it is free phone, could you tell me the exactly link ?¿ thanks
  9. Sure. Acer Liquid Metal S120 Brown Edition
  10. Hello, i bought an Acer Liquid Metal yesterday, it has Froyo 2.2.1 and i want to update to gingerbread. I downloaded the acer update from official webpage but i have a problem. When i try update program says to me that the compilation number is wrong because my phone has ...EMEA_TEF not ...EMEA_GEN1. Anyone could help me ??? thanks so much.
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