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  1. im using paranoid android and my battery life has tripled, gone from 10 hrs to over 24hrs no problem. it also has a pie pop up menu feature, meaning i can remove the top notification/status bar and the bottom menu bar, meaning my screen space has increased by a lot. also reduces any chance of "burn in", etc. i definitely recommend PA rom to sort out all your issues and make the phone look a lot nicer, best rom out there, or you can make the menu bars smaller by going into phablet or tablet mode if you do not want them to dissappear altogether
  2. There are already phones out there that beat the spec of the Nexus 4, none of them are nowhere near £230-£270 though sim free and brand new. It will be roughly 2 years (from the launch date) I reckon before a "brand new" phone will have this sort of spec at this price range
  3. Got the HTC One X for £249 (smartfonestore Grade A) and spent £1.99 for unlock code which is a lot better at everything than my G300 which cost £105 including unlock
  4. most people have insurance, so they do not care if their phone breaks, the best way is usually through home insurance which covers you for up to £1K in goods which you carry on you, so that your laptop, tablet and phone, etc are all covered. ;) another way is insurance through your bank. this is because insurance with your phone company is usually a lot more expensive and a lot more trouble in dealing with claims, etc. well if there is an app out there that can do it, then i am sure google will help you find it. otherwise you could forward all your calls to your other mobile,very easily using the settings function but then that would mean you need to pay for all those calls as well as pay for 2 different mobile contracts or sims. what is the point in having a phone if you are too scared to use it? i suggest you get insurance, surely the cost of forwarding calls and texts will be more than insurance, plus with insurance your phone is covered, therefore what happens if you smash or drop your phone when your not out jogging? or it gets stolen?
  5. you cannot have 2 sims with the same number. therefore i suggest you either do not ride your horse near the sea or get phone insurance. another option is to get an otterbox case, my otterbox defender cost me £35 but at least i know i could throw my phone at a brick wall and it would come out unscathed.
  6. already way ahead of you on that one. i bought the g300 and then the nexus 7 a little while after
  7. well i connect to the head unit through bluetooth (not through an application but using the settings menu). i use navigation by google as a sat nav. so the phone has, gps, data, bluetooth and a google app running nothing else. if a call is received, it will come through my car speakers and i talk through the microphone located in front of the speedometer. but it laggs horribly, and is unusable when trying to do this. if i turn navigation off, it is fine, if i turn bluetooth off it is fine, so it can do 1 job but not both, therefore the phone is unsuitable for me because i require bluetooth to be running always and i require navigation from time to time.
  8. you wanna look at otterbox cases mate. i could throw my HTC One X at a brick wall full force and it would come out unscathed. or even the ballistic cases. it does add a bit of chunk to the phone but at least it guarantee's it is protected. for all the people thinking this is a comparison between the g300 and the HOX you are mistaken. as said in the OP i would of kept the G300 could it multitask better, but it cannot. I require bluetooth whilst driving so I am not breaking the law, and I am in complete control of the vehicle whilst taking calls. i also require sat nav in my vehicle because i am regularly going to places i have never been before or from places i have never been before. the g300 cannot do these at the same time. for the people saying why not just buy a seperate GPS? because I do not want to have to look after 2 different devices. some cars have been broken into, just to steal the GPS, etc. therefore i wanted a phone that could do bluetooth and GPS at the same time. also with 2 seperate devices, if you take a call on your phone, the GPS will still continue to speak, interrupting the conversation. also the same reason why ipod's are not so popular anymore is because people stick their songs on their phones. what is the point in having 2/3/4 devices, when your phone can do them all? the G300 is a great phone, so long as you do not need to multitask on it.
  9. what phone you going for? because £250 for the HTC One X is a bargain, I know the G300 is only a £100 phone, but technology moves so fast, in 5 years time £100 will buy you a Quad Core no doubt. I just think the best bargain phone currently is the San Diego, pity it came completely locked down so it cannot be unlocked, otherwise I would of went for that originally.
  10. you obviously do not know that google navigation pre-caches your route and saves the map tiles temporarily. therefore theoretically, you could use your home wi-fi connection, leave your front door and get to your destination without even having data on your mobile. i personally have never ever had a problem with using google nav, even in places with no signal at all, because of the cache.
  11. The G300 was my first venture into android and probably my 4th smartphone after a Nokia N8, N96 and some Sony Ericsson from 5 years back. It was also the first phone I had decided to use "data" with because I switched to giffgaff and had no need for data before because Nokia Sat Nav's do not require it. What can I say, it was a huge leap forward, having both data and android. I now possibly could not live without either. But the G300 for me was lacking multitasking power. As previously stated, I have bluetooth in my car, and I also use the phone as a sat nav. If I tried doing this on the G300, it lagged extremely badly, it was basically impossible to do both at the same time. So I purchased a HTC One X for £249 (Grade A) from smartfonestore, unlocked it last night for £1.99 (ebay). Will play about with it for a month, before putting a custom ROM in it (with the power it has, it does not need it) but it should help improve battery life. It came in perfect condition being a Grade A device and the price difference between Grade A, B and C is £10 each, therefore worth paying the little bit extra. The only thing is though, I had to constantly check the website every day for over a week before a Grade A device appeared, and it was on orange but decided it was best to just take it rather than wait any longer. Unlocking was a easy painless process. Sent IMEI and got code back 5 hours later for £2 an awesome service. Because it is a lot more expensive than my G300 rather than spending just a couple of quid on a cover like i did for my G300 I spent £35 on an otterbox defender (beast of a case). Although it makes the phone chunky, it eases my mind that the phone is safe if dropped. My wife still has her G300 and rather than sell mine, I will be giving it to a family member, who has never had an android phone so they can experience it for themselves. The G300 is a brilliant phone, I would of kept it, had it been able to multitask better, but £251 for an unlocked HTX One X in perfect condition was too good to refuse. It still retails for £350+ brand new sim free. I'm loving the bigger screen, will test out it's power later on today. If anyone else needs a more powerful phone, do take a look at smartfonestore, i can vouch for their service being very good. Although I did get the USB cable for the phone, I did not get a charging plug, luckily I already have my wifes, and one for my nexus 7 tablet as well. I will still regularly venture in here, to update the wifes phone from time to time, so you may still see some posts from me. Now I just need to decide on whether I put ARHD or Viper on my HOX, but keeping it stock for now, until I can gauge battery life on stock.
  12. Blade is ancient history. My wife has already went blade to skate to g300. You cannot get better than the g300 for £100. At the £200 mark there is only one option and its orange only the San Diego. The £250 mark gets you a HTC one x and the £300 mark gets you a s3
  13. Are you not the guy that was asking for donations from forum members to buy yourself a phone? You gave a whole sob story about the fact you are unemployed, etc. If you truly did want to help a forum member make money, you should be telling them to put them on eBay. Also your whole post makes fun of the type of people you are wishing to buy from. People who bought the phone on impulse and don't like/need it. Get a job and buy it from Vodafone £100 for a phone of this quality is nothing. Especially considering you can resell them after using them in 6 months for practically what you paid for them.
  14. I'm using infusion ROM currently on my own phone with B926, wife has stock B926 but going to stick S3 on there and see how it is. Waiting for CM10 to have working Bluetooth and camera before jumping onto that. Tillaz said that the update packages change a lot more than just the baseband and was recommending B936 so was just wondering what the best update package was. Shall stick with B926 then for now until a better one is released.
  15. What is the best Baseband, and by that i do not mean 2030, i mean which update package is the best? Im currently on B926. Their are newer ones which are international and euro versions, but none of them support HSPA 11 only HSPA 9. What is the real world difference of H11 vs H9? What is the best Update package? I tried flashing B936 but it would not work, i then tried the middle file and that would not work either.
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