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  1. Yup I agree 100%..I noticed the same on the true DX Rom on my NEX-S..DX apps slapped on top of ICS..The only difference between the true DX Rom and this is a strange blue tint to the system UI and some icons nothing special..Its not like Miui where system UI is completely revamped..i was kinda bummed out as well when i first flashed DX into my NEX-S and noticed no big change in the UI between AOSP..I still think its pretty cool,something different to play with for now i suppose..
  2. No worries,dont get lost in all the settings..Check out some of the crazy system themes..Using Batman theme for a couple days now its pretty slick...
  3. Ive flashed this into 3 Sennys with no issues..Its possible you dont have the correct firmware? You need FW 3.12 or higher..Take 2012.03.24 out of download zip and make sure to place it on SD/Clockwork/backup folder or you will get errors when restoring..
  4. DianXin OS is ready..The link/zip file contains a Nandroid and requires firmware 3.12 or above to boot..Base is CM9.0.0-RCO-pyramid-OSP..To install download/open zip and place 2012-03-24 in the backup folder under SD/Clockwork/Backup..Boot into recovery wipe and restore 2012-03-24..Once it boots tap power disable airplane mode..Set APNs in settings/more/wireless&networks/mobile networks sign into G-mail..Thats it you should be good to go..This is NOT an official DX ROM its a Frankenstein i parted together to make as close as possible to the DX ROM on my Nex-S until or if our Pyramids get the real thing..Link here http://www.4shared.com/zip/apB4U4z4/file.html
  5. Im transfering DianXin to a different base so i dont have any permission issues to post the link..Should be up by Sunday,I been crazy busy..
  6. If Trip permits for me to post the link i dont want any credit at all for this..I give all props to Trip and Swamp Goblin, i just merged their work together thats all..This is just to play with until or if the real thing drops..
  7. Thanks man i dont have a twitter account nor the time to sign up im a pretty busy guy..Hopefully he gives the green light i know hes kinda sketchy about this stuff..Tried using his Ville base but had to many issues..
  8. I have the Dianxin Rom for Sensation uploaded and ready to go..However I will not post the link until i get permission from Trip as i used his Rom as a base..If someone here knows how to contact him please inform him...Thank you..
  9. 0 Okay so i was bored last night and managed to get 99% of the DianXin Rom off of my Nexus S working on my Sensation..I am no Dev and never will be but i like new/diff things..I used a simple tool to pull/push/fix perms all DX apks,boot animation,ringtones,etc etc from my Nexus S and all DX apks i could find online into the Senny..This is NOT Miui it is a completely new OS (few weeks old) on top of ICS..It has tons of themes,custom settings,power options and is based on a shaved down version of Trips OS 113 and is rock solid..However I will not post it do to respect for Trips work/rules/regulations and will probably get s*** for it but i couldnt think of a better base Rom to use..Sorry Trip..Anyhow More info and screenshots can be found here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1517078 I think its something new/ fresh and would like to share if allowed...
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